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posted by takyon on Thursday April 16 2015, @11:10PM   Printer-friendly
from the buy-high-sell-low dept.

Nokia has announced its intention to acquire the telecoms equipment company Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion EUR (US$16.6bn). The new company will be called Nokia and have its headquarters in Finland, but will retain Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs name for its R&D activities. The deal has to be approved by Nokia shareholders.

Nokia has also announced a "strategic review" of its HERE mapping business, which evolved from its acquisition of Navteq back in 2007 for $8.1 billion. It will reportedly sell the mapping division for $2 billion. That price is at the low end of what was previously rumored.

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Nokia's Digital Mapping Business Bought by German Carmakers 10 comments

BBC writes that German carmakers Audi, BMW and Daimler are buying Nokia's "Here" maps business for €2.8bn (£2bn):

"High-precision digital maps are a crucial component of the mobility of the future," said Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of Daimler. The carmakers plan to use Here's technology to combine precise digital maps with real-time vehicle data more closely. "For the automotive industry, this is the basis for new assistance systems and ultimately fully autonomous driving," the automakers said in a statement.

The rival automakers each plan to hold an equal stake in Here. The company said vehicle manufacturers are sharing data to make real-time map updates a reality.

Perhaps it's also worth mentioning that Nokia bought Navteq in 2007 for €5.7bn.

takyon: Nokia Intends to Buy Alcatel-Lucent
BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Want to Buy Nokia's Here Mapping Group
Uber Acquires Mapping Assets and Employees From Microsoft/Bing

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  • (Score: 2) by FatPhil on Thursday April 16 2015, @11:14PM

    by FatPhil (863) <{pc-soylent} {at} {}> on Thursday April 16 2015, @11:14PM (#171773) Homepage
    I was expecting them to resort to Plan 9 eventually.
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    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 17 2015, @09:10AM

      by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 17 2015, @09:10AM (#171952)

      They are resurrecting the dead?

  • (Score: 2, Insightful) by c0lo on Thursday April 16 2015, @11:54PM

    by c0lo (156) Subscriber Badge on Thursday April 16 2015, @11:54PM (#171789) Journal

    Microsoft Intends to Buy Alcatel-Lucent

    Does it have any impact on UNIX copyrights? (Lucent incorporated Bell Labs)

    • (Score: 2) by bob_super on Friday April 17 2015, @12:07AM

      by bob_super (1357) on Friday April 17 2015, @12:07AM (#171791)

      I'm pretty sure it's the non-MS part of Nokia that wants ALU.

    • (Score: 5, Informative) by takyon on Friday April 17 2015, @12:12AM

      by takyon (881) <> on Friday April 17 2015, @12:12AM (#171794) Journal []

      Microsoft Mobile was established following the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division by Microsoft, which was completed in April 2014. While Microsoft retains a limited license to use the Nokia name and logo on feature phones, the company was only granted a transitional license to the Nokia brand name.

      Microsoft Mobile got the right to sell mobile phones under the Nokia brand name as part of a 10-year licensing agreement, as long as those phones are based on the S30+ which comprises feature phones. Future "Lumia" smartphones fell out of this license and couldn't be released bearing the Nokia brand; In October 2014, it was announced that future Lumia devices would carry the Microsoft name and logo instead of "Nokia".

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    • (Score: 2) by q.kontinuum on Friday April 17 2015, @06:26AM

      by q.kontinuum (532) on Friday April 17 2015, @06:26AM (#171912) Journal

      Wrong. Nokia is not Microsoft, and Nokia seems not to intend to re-enter the mobile phone business. Nokia is a big player in the area of network infrastructure, and that business has exactly nothing to do with Microsoft. Why is it so hard to understand for people that MS didn't buy the Nokia company, but just one business unit of them?!?

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 17 2015, @12:23AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 17 2015, @12:23AM (#171798)

    First, this is Nokia proper, not the mobile division Nokia sold off to Microsoft, so no MS FUD please*.

    Where I work, we just decided to switch to Alcatel Lucent's ethernet switches (they have a Cisco like CLI BUT, they also give you a bash shell, sed, awk, diff, python, etc.). A little worried that Nokia may only be interested in the telecom side of the AL business.

    * plenty of reasons to worry about what MS is up to, but this isn't one of them.

    • (Score: 2) by takyon on Friday April 17 2015, @12:31AM

      by takyon (881) <> on Friday April 17 2015, @12:31AM (#171800) Journal

      "The combined company will be uniquely positioned to create the foundation of seamless connectivity for people and things wherever they are," Nokia said in a statement. "This foundation is essential for enabling the next wave of technological change, including the Internet of Things and transition to the cloud. With more than 40,000 R&D employees and spend of €4.7 billion in R&D in 2014, the combined company will be in a position to accelerate development of future technologies including 5G, IP and software-defined networking, cloud, analytics as well as sensors and imaging."

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      • (Score: 1) by kadal on Friday April 17 2015, @12:50AM

        by kadal (4731) on Friday April 17 2015, @12:50AM (#171804)

        That's some vague BS.