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posted by CoolHand on Wednesday February 15, @07:25PM   Printer-friendly
from the hollywood-security dept.

HP Inc. today introduced the first of a series of global initiatives to elevate awareness of the security risks facing businesses and consumers. It kicks off with award-winning actor Christian Slater and the premiere of the newly launched HP Studios' web series, The Wolf, highlighting how corporate networks can be hacked and what companies must do to protect themselves. Watch and share the trailer and web series at View "The Wolf" online press kit click here and link to the live press kit.

In the series, Slater systematically hacks a company - from the mailroom to the boardroom - through overlooked vulnerabilities and poorly secured printers and PCs. This first installment reinforces that security is no longer just the responsibility of the network or something at the perimeter, but it's a concern for everyone.

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  • out of date (Score: 1, Troll) by VLM (445)

    by VLM (445) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday February 15, @07:50PM (#467565)

    Already out of date, only Russians are the enemy and our only enemy is the Russians, get the memo.

    "The wolf" isn't Russian, if he was Russian they'd have called him "the bear".

    • Re:out of date (Score: 2) by bob_super (1357)

      by bob_super (1357) on Wednesday February 15, @07:55PM (#467570)

      Look, we're gonna sort this misunderstanding quickly by firing anyone who dares to contradict El Naranjissimo: Russians good (don't get caught), Chinese Bad, Cybers hard.

  • HP Studiio? (Score: 1, Insightful) by Anonymous Coward

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 15, @07:50PM (#467566)

    The news for me is that HP is putting out original media content. It's so far out from the HP image I have, though admittedly HP is not the same Hewlett-Packard it used to be.

    Anyways, I approve of this direction. Hopefully it's decent stuff.

    • Nothing New (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward

      by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 15, @07:56PM (#467571)

      They've been doing it for years.
      My niece is a model who worked with tony hawk on a bunch of web-shorts for HP like 5 years ago.
      They weren't even promoting any products. Just little goofy millenial vignettes because HP had signed tony hawk as a "brand ambassador" or something.

  • "It's a concern for everyone" (Score: 2) by MichaelDavidCrawford (2339)

    by MichaelDavidCrawford (2339) on Wednesday February 15, @08:24PM (#467580)

    there are always going to be people who just can't be bothered with security.

    we have a ... crazy person (MDC), that regularly posts more coherent and interesting things than do these racist trolls
  • Lolz (Score: 1, Funny) by Anonymous Coward

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 15, @08:48PM (#467587)

    My ghostery browser on ipad wouldnt play the video so jumped out to safari and it let mr robot right in. Time to invest in a hp-pad, must be safe ... #%£{_]]]% (

  • Heathers (Score: 2) by DeathMonkey (1380)

    by DeathMonkey (1380) Subscriber Badge on Wednesday February 15, @10:00PM (#467615)

    Re-watched Heathers the other day.

    I sort of miss Christian Slater playing Jack Nicholson playing a part.

  • Anybody remember "Breaking In"? (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 16, @12:08AM (#467664)

    Not to be confused with Breaking Bad, of course. Starred Christian Slater as a black hat hacker turned security consultant and his crew of rogues and misfits of varying levels of reformation. First season was really good but not widely watched, second season was "retooled" and not good at all.

    Glad to see the same concept getting another chance because he was great in the role.

    • Re:Anybody remember "Breaking In"? (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward

      by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 16, @12:12AM (#467665)

      Since the show is produced by HP(??!) I have to expect tons of HP product placement but looking at the web page linked this could be basically a giant infomercial with a big name (but not all that popular recently) actor attached.

  • Elephant in the Room (Score: 1) by anubi (2828)

    by anubi (2828) on Thursday February 16, @04:02AM (#467708)

    Just how much of this untrustworthiness of our systems is due to backdoors deliberately placed in our systems by those wishing to still control their product *after* the sale?

    How much of this is caused by honoring "hold harmless" clauses.... would we accept this kind of stuff from restauranteurs or car manufacturers?

    I find it absolutely ludicrous as to how much we are willing to go along with those who think the ability to snoop on me behind my back. Doesn't anyone else besides techie guys like us realize that by handing control of our machines to someone else willy-nilly leads to disastrous results?

    This is akin to me letting completely un-vetted "workmen" into my house under the pretense they are there to fix a pipe... then I find them in my bedroom going through my dresser!

    For being "Intelligence" agencies... some of the stuff they do sure seems dumb to me. All this backdoor and code-mixed-with-data stuff is only leading to a world where nobody knows what the hell is going on in our computational infrastructure... well, at least no-one but the perpetrator who stands to make a profit during the melee.

    No one's stuff is secure anymore. I do not know who said this first, but it sure rings true... "Security through Obscurity is no security at all." All obscurity does is relegate your keys to the ones who have the database and tools to get in. Like any skilled thing, that which may take me months takes a skilled practitioner a few minutes.

    "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." [KJV: I Thessalonians 5:21]
  • Direct links to the videos (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 16, @07:32AM (#467735)