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posted by n1 on Saturday May 27 2017, @05:35PM   Printer-friendly [Skip to comment(s)]
from the madame,-you-have-suffered-an-emotional-shock dept.

The Dubai police have a new officer, a life-sized robot one [...]

He has a large touch screen and can be used for paying fines and for reporting incidents of concern. [...]

"This is the official launch of our first Robocop," said Brig Khalid Al Razooqi, Dubai Police director general of smart services, according to the i. "Now most people visit police stations or customer service, but with this tool we can reach the public 24/7 and it won't ask for any sick leave or maternity leave."

Source: The Inquirer

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California Police use a Robot to Take Away a Suspect's Gun
Sniper Attack in Dallas: 5 Cops Dead; 6 More Wounded

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Sniper Attack in Dallas: 5 Cops Dead; 6 More Wounded 316 comments

Snipers in Dallas: [5] Cops Dead; [6] More Cops Wounded

The Atlantic reports:

Two gunmen shot eleven police officers in Dallas, Texas [at 8:58 PM July 7], killing at least four of them.

[...] At a Thursday night press conference, Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown said [...] officers had one of the suspects "cornered", but did not offer further details.

"Tonight, it appears that two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally", Brown said in an initial statement. "Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery, and three are in critical condition. An intensive search for suspect is currently underway." The police department later said an eleventh officer had also been injured and a fourth officer had been killed.

[...] The shootings occurred during a protest against police killings earlier this week in Louisiana and Minnesota. Hundreds rallied in downtown Dallas, near the corner of Main Street and Lamar Street. Local news footage captured what sounds like several gunshots being fired, and the crowd scattering.

[...] No motive has yet been established and it's unclear whether the shooting was related to the protest.

California Police use a Robot to Take Away a Suspect's Gun 22 comments

Robots have been used for everything from greeting bank customers to grabbing a slice of pizza — and now they seem to be venturing further into law enforcement.

A six-hour police standoff in a Southern California desert ended on Sept. 8 when a robot was used by police to take away the rifle of an attempted murder suspect.

The special weapons team from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department made the call after the suspect, 52-year-old Ray B. Bunge, refused to surrender. He has since been charged with attempted murder, criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon / firearm, robbery and felony vandalism.

During the standoff, Bunge was lying in a "dark open field" in the desert of Antelope Valley, California, when the robot stealthily, quietly snatched the gun sitting next to his feet, according to a Facebook post from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

Police had lost track of Bunge before using a helicopter and special weapons team to find him in a dirt area surrounded by shrubs and fence wiring. That's when they tried distracting Bunge and sending in the robot.

"He looked up and realized his gun was gone and he was exposed."

"While his attention was focused on the vehicles in front of him, the team deployed a robot from behind the suspect's position," the Facebook post explains.

The robot picked up the gun without Bunge noticing before pulling away the fence wiring that had been covering him. At that moment, Bunge finally gave up.

Well, that's a big improvement over sending in a robot with a suicide vest like they did in Dallas.

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Dubai Police to Deploy Robotic Patrols 9 comments

Dubai Police has unveiled new self-driving mini vehicles that can patrol different areas and monitor any unusual activities using biometrics to scan crowds and identify criminals, or suspects:

About the size of a child's electric toy car, the driverless vehicles will patrol different areas of the city to boost security and hunt for unusual activity, all the while scanning crowds for potential persons of interest to police and known criminals.

The new security system is so advanced that the mini-vehicle even comes with its own drone which can be launched via a rear sleeve — both are monitored and linked to Dubai Police command room.

[...] "It can recognise people in any area and identify suspicious objects and can track suspects. It has a drone and the user [police officer] needs to access the car through fingerprint. It will be deployed at tourist destinations in Dubai," Brigadier Al Razooqi said.

Deployed at "tourist destinations?" Is that where the problems are? Originally spotted on Bruce Schneier's blog.

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