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posted by martyb on Sunday January 13 2019, @10:11AM   Printer-friendly
from the Losing-Trust-One-Piece-at-a-Time dept.

Residents in a Sydney suburb have rejected small cell Huawei boxes that are part of the 5G rollout. While this type of infrastructure normally requires approval, these boxes are simply being stuck on poles around the place. Their purpose is to supplement the forthcoming 5G network which will replace the existing 3G/4G network in the future. The residents so far are limiting themselves to requesting the local council to removing the undesired boxes.

Are they just fearful Luddites or are they blocking Big Brother?

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Germany and the EU Likely to Embrace Huawei, Rebuff the U.S. 91 comments

Despite U.S. Pressure, Germany Refuses To Exclude Huawei's 5G Technology

The Trump administration insists that Chinese firm Huawei, which makes 5G technology, could hand over data to the Chinese government. The U.S. has warned European allies, including Germany, Hungary and Poland, to ban Huawei from its 5G network or risk losing access to intelligence-sharing.

Germany has refused to ban any company, despite pressure from the U.S. Instead, Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated that her country would instead tighten security rules. "Our approach is not to simply exclude one company or one actor," she told a conference in Berlin on Tuesday, "but rather we have requirements of the competitors for this 5G technology."

Did The U.S. Just Lose Its War With Huawei?

"There are two things I don't believe in," Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday, referring to Germany's standoff with the United States over Huawei's inclusion in her country's 5G rollout. "First, to discuss these very sensitive security questions publicly, and, second, to exclude a company simply because it's from a certain country."

Europe now seems likely to settle on 'careful and considered' inclusion of Huawei instead of any blanket bans. Chancellor Merkel stressed this week that a joined-up EU response would be "desirable", and Italy and the U.K. are also backing away from Washington's prohibition on Huawei's 5G technology. If they fold, it is likely the broader European Union will follow suit. And if those key European allies can't be carried, what chance Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East?

Huawei Open to Selling 5G Modems to Apple 12 comments

Huawei is 'open' to selling 5G chips to Apple for iPhones, marking a big shift in strategy

Huawei is "open" to selling high-speed 5G chips and other silicon to rival smartphone maker Apple, marking a significant shift in the Chinese tech giant's thinking toward its own intellectual property.

The world's largest networking equipment maker has been in the consumer market for a relatively short amount of time with its own-brand smartphones, but it has quickly risen to become the third-largest vendor by market share.

Huawei started by selling phones at low prices but in recent years has shifted focus to increase its market share in the high end of the market, battling Apple and Samsung. As part of that move, Huawei has developed its own chips, including a modem to give smartphones 5G connectivity, and a processor to power its devices. 5G is next-generation mobile internet, which delivers data at very high speeds.

So far, those pieces of technology have been used only in Huawei's devices. That could change. In an interview with CNBC that aired Monday, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said the company would consider selling its 5G chips to Apple. "We are open to Apple in this regard," Ren said. The CEO spoke in Mandarin, which was translated into English by an official translator.

Apple products (e.g. new iPhones) are likely to use 5G modems from Intel, although they won't be ready until 2020. Huawei has been shunned by U.S. companies due to warnings and pressure from the U.S. government claiming that Huawei products enable Chinese espionage. There has even been discussion of the U.S. government developing a 5G network free of Chinese influence. Given that there aren't many places in the country where you can get a "5G" connection yet, is there any point to this offer?


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  • (Score: 3, Informative) by MostCynical on Sunday January 13 2019, @10:59AM

    by MostCynical (2589) on Sunday January 13 2019, @10:59AM (#785861) Journal

    from TFA, they are 4G and mobile (cell) mini-towers, that the company (TPG, an ISP that wants to be a full telco) can install without any approval (equipment and location and installation must meet Australian design regulations, but local council and State Government don't get a say)

    They are "low imapact" []

    "I guess once you start doubting, there's no end to it." -Batou, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  • (Score: 1, Insightful) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @11:02AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @11:02AM (#785863)

    "We don't want it here," Ms Cappadonna said. "It causes us great anxiety that this thing is going to be running 24-7."

    The same people that are attached more to their phone than their kids?

  • (Score: 0, Offtopic) by realDonaldTrump on Sunday January 13 2019, @11:46AM

    by realDonaldTrump (6614) on Sunday January 13 2019, @11:46AM (#785870) Homepage Journal

    They use a Bluetooth because they don't want the Cell Phone up against their Brains. For the health, right? And, these folks, I assume, are thinking "oh, what about our Property Values?" They see the cell towers, the cell boxes going up everywhere. And they worry that the value of their Property is going to tank massively. That they won't be able to sell it to the Worry Warts. And they'll only have the smart people to sell to -- less money. Well, they're right. And, it's too bad. Because the Cell Phone is very safe for Brain. I know because I've been using it since the beginning. And before the beginning. When we didn't have Cell Phone, we had the Car Phone. You kept it in the car because it was much too big to carry around. Then DynaTAC came along, it was incredible. You could hold it in your hands. A guy like me, I could hold it in one hand. Because my hands are big. We loved DynaTAC, it was a massive chick magnet. It wasn't cheap. But it was worth every penny, it paid for itself very quickly. Because everybody I did business with was so impressed by that.

    And I've kept with Cell Phone all along. As they've made them smaller and smaller. StarTAC, I love the commercial for that one. Where, guy and girl are at the beach. The guy's trying to make his move. But, the phone call comes in on his DynaTAC. As the girl gets away. And she looks back at him, she's laughing very cruelly at the guy. And then you see, oh, the call was from her. From the StarTAC she had hidden in her wherever. In her you know what. And the guy sees it too. And his mind is totally blown by that. He wanted "sex" on the beach. But he got outsmarted by this gorgeous woman. Spoiler alert, he doesn't get laid. But, it's all right. Because StarTAC is small. But, it's not that small. And frankly, it's probably bigger than what he's got.

    Nokia, I had the Nokia. So easy! And so many beautiful Ring Tones. I loved the Ring Tones with that one.

    The Windows Phone, I tried the Windows Phone. For like a day. I was the only person in town that had that one. And I lived in Manhattan.

    Samsung, I did the Samsung. And iPhone. One for calls and one for tweeting. Because going back and forth causes many problems. But then came that incredible night with the maps. When I scored my overwhelming Electoral College landslide. By the way, I wasn't trying for Popular Vote. I could have won on Popular Vote very easily. But, those weren't the rules. And in 2020 I'm going to try for both. Very confident that I can win both ways. And put the haters and losers to shame.

    So, I won. And started the hardest job of my life. And my I.T. guys said, time to put away the Samsung. Because it's from Korea, they're a foe. They're doing nuclear like you wouldn't believe. I'm working very hard on ending the Korean War. Something my predecessors, for 68 years, couldn't do. But for now I need to be careful about them. So now I'm on iPhone. I use it every day. Very happy with that one.

    And, Brain. My Doctor gave me the Brain test. And I got a perfect score. 100% PERFECTO. Something not many people can do. But, I use Cell Phone every day. And I don't have a Bluetooth. It goes to show, a guy can spend a lot of time on Cell Phone. And be absolutely fine in the Brains Department. Nothing to worry about, folks!!!!

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @12:08PM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @12:08PM (#785876)

    Wasn't Hauwei's gear banned over Chinese espionage accusations or something? I guess Cisco failed to produce the actual evidence so they started spreading a different king of FUD directly to the people... Any real news on what happened or are we to just speculate?

    • (Score: 1, Funny) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @12:21PM

      by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @12:21PM (#785877)

      Real news? This is 2019 - all news is fake news. Never believe anyone - especially not me!

    • (Score: 2, Interesting) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @01:09PM

      by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @01:09PM (#785885)

      Banned from the backbone? Yes.
      From the looks of this TPG are building their own last mile with huawei gear.
      Those who don't learn from the past?

  • (Score: 2, Insightful) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @01:48PM (4 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @01:48PM (#785895)

    Instrument of a ruthless tyrannical totalitarian foreign regime installs multiple communication and tracking devices in the largest city of a neighbouring democratic country.

    What could possibly go wrong ?

    • (Score: 1, Informative) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @06:53PM (1 child)

      by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 13 2019, @06:53PM (#785968)

      China and Australia are literally on different continents.

      • (Score: 3, Insightful) by isostatic on Sunday January 13 2019, @09:42PM

        by isostatic (365) on Sunday January 13 2019, @09:42PM (#786029) Journal

        As is China and Africa

        However China knows both Africa and Austrailia are very useful places to own. Austrailia may be a long way from China, but it's further from the U.S. and from Europe.

    • (Score: 5, Interesting) by PartTimeZombie on Sunday January 13 2019, @10:40PM (1 child)

      by PartTimeZombie (4827) on Sunday January 13 2019, @10:40PM (#786074)

      The previous submission on this site is entitled "How the NSA Spies on Us All in Four Parts" so what point are you trying to make?

      • (Score: 3, Funny) by c0lo on Sunday January 13 2019, @11:14PM

        by c0lo (156) Subscriber Badge on Sunday January 13 2019, @11:14PM (#786101) Journal

        The point? Oh.. look,. shiny.

  • (Score: 5, Insightful) by FatPhil on Sunday January 13 2019, @03:11PM

    by FatPhil (863) <> on Sunday January 13 2019, @03:11PM (#785914) Homepage
    That would be Australia itself, then, part of the Five Eyes.
    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people; the smallest discuss themselves
  • (Score: 2) by arslan on Sunday January 13 2019, @09:56PM (3 children)

    by arslan (3462) on Sunday January 13 2019, @09:56PM (#786038)

    If you read TFA, the resident in question is against the equipment in front of their place for health reasons. They're not objecting because it is Huawei equipment, I doubt they event know or care who manufactures it. It just so happens they belong to local telco/internet provider TPG who happens to use Huawei gear.

    • (Score: 2) by PartTimeZombie on Sunday January 13 2019, @10:35PM (2 children)

      by PartTimeZombie (4827) on Sunday January 13 2019, @10:35PM (#786069)

      They are known as "NIMBY" or nimbies, meaning Not In My Back Yard.

      The non-existent health concerns are just a smokescreen, they are really worried these boxes might affect their property values.

      • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 14 2019, @01:22AM

        by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 14 2019, @01:22AM (#786182)
        The 800/1800/2400 GHz ranges were checked for safety many times by many scientists. However the new ranges, up to 68 GHz, were never investigated. It's even hard to sag which power is radiated in each band, in what beams, and what is the minimum safe distance. As opposed to large towers, these little boxes are very close to humans. I'd say the same as those guys - NIMBY, but not for the same reasons. They are afraid of an abstract transmitter; I am concerned about the device that was never tested for biological safety. I want to see studies first.
      • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 15 2019, @10:59AM

        by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 15 2019, @10:59AM (#786850)

        This "problem" is easily fixed with a sledgehammer. Why bother complaining?