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posted by janrinok on Monday December 05, @05:43AM   Printer-friendly

Next version adds support for Java 19 and introduces experimental functions for the JVM to recursively copy or delete directory content:

Kotlin 1.8.0, an upgrade to the JetBrains-developed, statically typed language for multiplatform mobile, web, and native development, is available in a beta release. The new version introduces experimental functions for the JVM.

The standard library in Kotlin 1.8.0 adds new experimental functions for java.nio.file.path that can recursively copy or delete directory content. Experimental functionality also has been added to TimeMarks, allowing elapseNow to read from multiple TimeMarks simultaneously. Opt-in is required for both sets of new functionality. Kotlin 1.8.0 also stabilizes extension functions for java.util.Optional.

Announced November 23, Kotlin 1.8.0 also adds capabilities such as Gradle 7.3 compatibility but subtracts support of the old JVM back end, with the -Xuse-old-backend compiler option no longer supported. Instructions on updating to the beta can be found at

Other new features and improvements in the Kotlin 1.8.0 beta [are contained in the linked article].

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by Rich on Tuesday December 06, @03:13PM (1 child)

    by Rich (945) on Tuesday December 06, @03:13PM (#1281399) Journal

    To not leave this neglected submission without any posts, I hereby declare that I'm delighted to see such incredible innovation as being able to wipe a full folder using library functions in our lifetime. To my even greater surprise, even C++ already has std::filesystem::remove and std::filesystem::remove_all in the library (but it wouldn't be C++ if the return values wouldn't slightly differ in semantics for an overload with an extra parameter).

    All that on a day when I had to implement such a folder delete in C++. Alas, we have a compatibility layer for the platform, so I couldn't use the C++ lib and had to roll my own function. And I learned about the "fts_" class of functions in some UNIX variants (which so far went completely past me). Yay! :)