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posted by takyon on Wednesday January 27 2016, @11:00AM   Printer-friendly
from the i-fought-the-law-and... dept.

Previously: Militia Occupies Federal Building in Oregon After Rancher Arson Convictions

Russia Today reports:

Ammon Bundy, the leader of the armed group occupying a federal wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, and four others have been arrested by law enforcement amid gunfire, according to the FBI.

At 4:25 pm on [January 26], the FBI and Oregon State Police "began an enforcement action to bring into custody a number of individuals associated with the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. During that arrest, there were shots fired", the Bureau said in a statement.

The FBI said one person who was "a subject of a federal probable cause arrest is deceased". He said they are not releasing any information on the person "pending identification by the medical examiner's office".

One person suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He was arrested and is in custody.

The arrested individuals include:
- Ammon Edward Bundy, age 40, of Emmett, Idaho.
- Ryan C. Bundy, age 43, of Bunkerville, Nevada.
- Brian Cavalier, age 44, of Bunkerville, Nevada.
- Shawna Cox, age 59, of Kanab, Utah.
- Ryan Waylen Payne, age 32, of Anaconda, Montana.

CNN, NYT, Washington Post, BBC, OregonLive.

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  • (Score: 5, Insightful) by Phoenix666 on Wednesday January 27 2016, @04:06PM

    by Phoenix666 (552) on Wednesday January 27 2016, @04:06PM (#295370) Journal

    I actually agree with you that things are becoming too politically charged, I'd appreciate it if people could set aside the gender/political/ideological stories. It really sucks when just about every comment you make gets you accused of being a woman hating conservative kkk supporting bigot. It serves no purpose and just turn into a mess of ACs taking potshots at each other, all name calling with no actual points.

    I've said much the same thing on a couple occasions. But there is no getting around the heart of the matter, which you nailed:

    That said it's our choice to click an article and our responsibility to submit better content if we don't like what's being posted.

    I must say that the first point about politics is eternal. I remember the earliest days on the BBS'es and it was no different. On many topics, like Security vs. Freedom, there haven't even been any new points or insights that have been made. You could copy & paste arguments from 1990 into these forums today and you would not be able to tell the difference.

    The only difference between then and now is the content that we, the members of the community, submit, and the moderation we accord each other to help sift the signal out of the noise. If we don't do that as community members, then we sink back into the eternal political mire of the BBS'es.

    Washington DC delenda est.
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  • (Score: 2) by Vanderhoth on Wednesday January 27 2016, @05:27PM

    by Vanderhoth (61) on Wednesday January 27 2016, @05:27PM (#295420)

    Have some mod points for a well stated summary ^_^

    "Now we know", "And knowing is half the battle". -G.I. Joooooe