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posted by takyon on Sunday June 12 2016, @06:00PM   Printer-friendly

A suspected Islamic terrorist opened fire at a gay nightclub in Florida, killing 50 people and wounding another 53 before he was killed by police. While authorities continue to investigate to determine whether this man had ties to ISIS, the terror organization has not been quiet in praising the attack. This comes three days after ISIS announced they would attack somewhere in Florida. Today's attack marks the largest act of terrorism on US soil since 9/11.

takyon: The gunman reportedly called 911 emergency services to pledge allegiance to ISIS. The President will hold a briefing momentarily. Compare this article to the original submission.

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  • (Score: 2) by tangomargarine on Monday June 13 2016, @03:50PM

    by tangomargarine (667) on Monday June 13 2016, @03:50PM (#359399)

    A strict literal reading would say that citizens can own and use nuclear missiles.

    Strictly literally speaking, "to bear" means "to carry." So unless you have a nuclear missile you can lift yourself...

    So talking man-portable weapons clears up this whole silly argument. Oh wait, I suppose you can easily carry a vial of smallpox...hmm.

    "Is that really true?" "I just spent the last hour telling you to think for yourself! Didn't you hear anything I said?"
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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday June 14 2016, @03:17AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday June 14 2016, @03:17AM (#359726)

    Strictly literally speaking

    Er, no. Using that interpretation, there would be no right to actually use the weapons for anything at all, since the 2nd amendment only speaks of keeping and bearing arms. If that was the case, why even bother mentioning such a worthless right?

    Words have multiple meanings. Clearly, "to bear" means something more than "to carry" here.