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posted by martyb on Monday October 02 2017, @04:18PM   Printer-friendly

A gunman fired upon thousands of people attending a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night, in a brutal attack that is blamed for at least 58 deaths, police say. In the mass shooting and panic that ensued, 515 people were injured. At least one of the dead is an off-duty police officer who was attending the concert.

Editorializing: Interesting how media always emphasize ISLAMIC terrorists, but downplay domestic terrorism as psychologically disturbed individual lone-wolfs.

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  • (Score: 2) by takyon on Monday October 02 2017, @07:15PM (1 child)

    by takyon (881) <> on Monday October 02 2017, @07:15PM (#576103) Journal

    I know about that stuff, that has been ongoing for a while. I was thinking of reactions specific to yesterday's Las Vegas mass shooting, perhaps having exited social media and started to reach editorial pages. Another comment also mentioned what they saw on Facebook (related to free speech rather than gun control).

    There might be more momentum behind it once the investigation into the guy's computer(s) and phone(s) leaks.

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  • (Score: 2) by Runaway1956 on Monday October 02 2017, @08:01PM

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Monday October 02 2017, @08:01PM (#576146) Homepage Journal

    Ahhhh - understood. No, I've not seen anything specific to this incident - yet. But, we can expect gun nuts and gun control freaks to trot out some victims to say whatever they want them to say . . .

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