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posted by martyb on Monday October 02 2017, @04:18PM   Printer-friendly

A gunman fired upon thousands of people attending a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night, in a brutal attack that is blamed for at least 58 deaths, police say. In the mass shooting and panic that ensued, 515 people were injured. At least one of the dead is an off-duty police officer who was attending the concert.

Editorializing: Interesting how media always emphasize ISLAMIC terrorists, but downplay domestic terrorism as psychologically disturbed individual lone-wolfs.

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  • (Score: 2) by urza9814 on Tuesday October 03 2017, @05:34PM (1 child)

    by urza9814 (3954) on Tuesday October 03 2017, @05:34PM (#576683) Journal

    That advantage is fading away. Surveillance, CCTV, Face recognition, Gait Recognition, IMSI tracking, RFID in everything, the list goes on of the ways they are trying to eliminate anonymity. Drop your rifle and step around the corner just means that now you have no rifle. They still know who you are.

    So we're starting from a hypothetical world which has armed revolutionaries openly carrying and firing rifles through the city streets...yet you expect the government will still be able to maintain a vast surveillance network? Those CCTV cameras and any other tracking nodes would get knocked out pretty damn quick...

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  • (Score: 2) by deimtee on Wednesday October 04 2017, @01:48AM

    by deimtee (3272) on Wednesday October 04 2017, @01:48AM (#576887) Journal

    No, that was in response to TMB saying you could drop your rifle and disappear. I think the surveillance state is almost here but society is still a long way from supporting armed revolution.
    I don't think you will be able to get from there to armed revolutionaries openly carrying and firing rifles without some sort of apocalypse.

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