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posted by takyon on Friday October 02 2020, @05:25AM   Printer-friendly
from the very-busy-contact-tracers dept.

[20201002_054327 UTC: Added c|net link and quote.--martyb]

Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!

A report from c|net adds:

White House physician Dr. Sean Conley said in a memorandum late Thursday that the president and first lady were "both well at this time, and they plan to remain at home within the White House during their convalescence."

The announcement of the president and first lady's positive coronavirus test results came just hours after the revelation that top White House aide Hope Hicks had tested positive for the virus as well. The president indicated in an earlier tweet that he and the first lady had begun the quarantine process.

Hope Hicks, who has been working so hard without even taking a small break, has just tested positive for Covid 19. Terrible! The First Lady and I are waiting for our test results. In the meantime, we will begin our quarantine process!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2020

President Donald Trump tweets he and first lady Melania Trump test positive for Covid-19

Trump tests positive for COVID-19 after his adviser and confidant Hope Hicks tested positive for the coronavirus

c0lo adds: Dow futures plunge more than 500 points after Trump says he tested positive for coronavirus

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  • (Score: 2) by aristarchus on Sunday October 04 2020, @07:27AM (2 children)

    by aristarchus (2645) on Sunday October 04 2020, @07:27AM (#1060603) Journal

    So that is why God gave Covid-19 to Trump, and to the whore of Washington, Hope? And Kellyanne? And Chris, oh, saw that one coming. Thanks be to God, who smites all those who attempt to pack the Supreme Court with Papists, and afflicts them with the Plague. Mark Twain's Patriot Prayer may be in order:

    “Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth into battle —
      be Thou near them! With them — in spirit — we also go forth
      from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe.

      O Lord our God, help us tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells;
      help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead;
      help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain;
      help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire;
      help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief;
      help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended
      in the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames in summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it —

    For our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimmage,
      make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet!

    We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love,
      and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset
      and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 08 2020, @03:57AM (1 child)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 08 2020, @03:57AM (#1061986)

    You have severe confusion between the Old Testament and the New. God doesn't "smite" people any more. They do it to themselves and each other. But you probably believe in a different God anyway.

    • (Score: 2) by Azuma Hazuki on Thursday October 08 2020, @01:31PM

      by Azuma Hazuki (5086) on Thursday October 08 2020, @01:31PM (#1062067) Journal

      Give me Old Testament Yahweh any day. He never even thought of torturing people for all eternity for not kissing his ass; he'd kill them, let them drop into lower Sheol, and fade away, wiped from existence. Ever since he had a kid he's been a complete whackaloon.

      I am "that girl" your mother warned you about...