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Title    Artemis 1 Launch is Successful
Date    Wednesday November 16 2022, @07:58AM
Author    janrinok
from the dept.

The launch of Artemis 1 has been successful - the next burn (trans lunar injection - TLI) is in about 20 minutes away to take Artemis on its way to the Moon.

TLI has begun and will last about 18 minutes.

[I am having problems with video stuttering - could be my ADSL connection (fibre? Wot fibre?) or it might be the load on the streaming video itself. Reporting may be patchy. Please update in the comments if you have more current information.]

TLI has now finished and Artemis is committed to a journey to the Moon. The main propulsion unit will now be jettisoned.

Propulsion unit now jettisoned and Artemis is using the European Service Module for its journey to the Moon. There are unlikely to be any newsworthy events happening for a while now. Bon Voyage Artemis 1!

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