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posted by mattie_p on Monday February 17 2014, @04:55PM   Printer-friendly
from the my-little-printer dept.

similar_name writes: "The prospect of children printing their own Transformers and My Little Pony toys is a step closer, after toy firm Hasbro revealed a partnership with 3D printing company 3D Systems. The two companies are working together to 'co-develop and commercialize innovative play printers and platforms later this year.'"

[Ed. Note] The first one I would print is Applejack.

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  • (Score: 2, Funny) by paddym on Monday February 17 2014, @06:20PM

    by paddym (196) on Monday February 17 2014, @06:20PM (#920)

    Yeah, following the canons was always a concern of mine when I played with transformers. I was placed in the corner if I couldn't describe the themes of my interactions, or if the outcome was fate-driven instead of character-driven. Can you imagine if they ever made generic ripoffs of HotWheels? Nobody ever bought those, so those companies are all defunct, but it would have been a disaster if they caught on. I had 5 versions of Voltron! I had to come up with these time-machine based stories and make sure they never looked directly at one another to keep it consistent. I think I single-handedly saved the world from the butterfly effect many times over by being very careful what I imagined. That's ok, you don't need to thank me.

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