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posted by NCommander on Thursday April 03 2014, @12:32AM   Printer-friendly
from the how-is-this-possible? dept.

The BBC is reporting that the email addresses of LinkedIn users can be exposed via a web browser add on. A LinkedIn spokesman told the BBC "We are doing everything we can to shut Sell Hack down. On 31 March LinkedIn's legal team delivered Sell Hack a cease-and-desist letter as a result of several violations"

NCommander adds: Sell Hack is a plugin for Chrome that allows you to retrieve emails from LinkedIn itself. The article goes on to say that Sell Hack is complying with the cease and desist, but actual details remain somewhat light. If anyone is familiar with the inner works of this plugin, I'll amend this article to include the details.

This isn't LinkedIn's first battle with third party services

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  • (Score: 2) by edIII on Thursday April 03 2014, @01:06AM

    by edIII (791) on Thursday April 03 2014, @01:06AM (#25279)

    Mod parent up.

    LinkedIn is a ridiculous corporation that screams bloody murder when stuff like this happens.

    From all the articles it's abundantly clear they have no idea whatsoever about how to have proper working security with their APIs. With that many security holes and instances of information leakage they need to stop bitching as if it's other people's fault.

    It isn't. If you can't stop somebody from getting at the information with stupid low-level hacks you don't belong in the business you are in.

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