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posted by takyon on Wednesday December 23 2015, @01:12AM   Printer-friendly
from the sir-interwebz dept.

Tim Berners-Lee's first World Wide Web page flickered to life at CERN on December 20th, 1990:

The inaugural page wasn't truly public when it went live at CERN on December 20th, 1990 (that wouldn't happen until August 1991), and it wasn't much more than an explanation of how the hypertext-based project worked. However, it's safe to say that this plain page laid the groundwork for much of the internet as you know it -- even now, you probably know one or two people who still think the web is the internet.

Originally spotted on The Eponymous Pickle.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 23 2015, @08:56PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 23 2015, @08:56PM (#280383)

    A small sample of sites that have original & interesting content:

    I never find Dr. Schestowitz and company agreeing with corporate media's agenda or mindlessly echoing their propaganda.
    TechRights []

    I don't find worker-centric sites regurgitating Lamestream Media's nonsense.
    Their content will give you "The rest of the story" as a now-dead Conservative would say.
    A particularly good one is the World Socialist Web Site. []

    Wanna find out just how untruthful|biased|lazy Lamestream Media's coverage of a story is?
    Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting []
    Media Matters For America []

    There's plenty of interesting content out there.
    It's up to you, however, to get off your ass and find it.
    TechRights' quasi-daily news digest [] is full of stories and sources.

    -- OriginalOwner_ []