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posted by mrcoolbp on Wednesday April 09 2014, @07:57PM   Printer-friendly
from the I-thought-the-name-was-bacconmuffinnews dept.

After several early attempts, we have settled on a process for deciding on the final name for this site currently known as You'll need to log in and go to: userprefs/homepage and check the box marked "Willing to Vote" if you'd like to participate (do this now, the submission round will go out soon). The vote will occur using an email-based solution loosely based on the Debian/Condercet method that we cooked up. Note: checking this box will indicate that we are scraping your email address from the database for participation (this is completely opt-in). If you wish not to participate, just make sure this box is unchecked (this is the default).

We are opening the floor to name suggestions. If you have suggested a name earlier, you'll need to re-submit it through this email voting system. Though we prefer available domains, if you have pre-purchased a domain (eg: to prevent squatters), by submitting the name you are stating that you are the owner of the domain(s) and will give it without strings attached to this project if it were to be chosen.

The criteria for an acceptable name:

  • Unique and free of obvious trademarks
  • Ideally be a bit technological/geeky and signal the site is "news"
  • Domain should be available in all permutations: .com/.net/.org
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to type
  • Easy to 'market' or has a "hook" (imagine a mug with the name, a logo, slogans, plays on words, etc.)
  • Passes the girlfriend / wife / significant other / random person at work - test

This is how it will work:

  1. The first round will go out asking for name submissions
  2. Submissions will remain open for 7 days
  3. The community will vote to yield 5 names
  4. Staff will vote and produce 5 names
  5. A final vote on all 10 names will be held
  6. At this point, the staff will have a second full vote on the same ten items the community voted on
  7. The result of this vote, and the community vote, including its runoff, will then be published
  8. The staff vote is the final decision. We have to live with this. But the community will have a powerful influence on the final staff vote.

If you're interested:

NCommander adds: So its finally here, and I wanted to apologize for the long delay before this actually happened. To the editoral team, please bump this to the top of the index for the next 24 hours so everyone gets a chance to see it (click 'fastforward' then save to autoupdate the timestamp). I promise a Featured Story option is coming in the next major update so we don't have to deal with this!

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  • (Score: 1) by urza9814 on Wednesday April 09 2014, @08:54PM

    by urza9814 (3954) on Wednesday April 09 2014, @08:54PM (#29097) Journal

    ...and now you've practically guaranteed it to win.

    Based on the rest of the comments here, it seems to me like the community is more in favor of keeping SoylentNews than the site admins...the only person I see consistently pushing for a new name is NCommander!

    The terribleness with Barrabas and now the long delay for a "voting system" and NOW the practical requirement that any proposed name already be reserved in 3 domains... you're officially WASTING EVERYONE'S TIME because you damn well know that SoylentNews is now a shoo-in.

    You've stacked the deck. You've made it nearly impossible for any better name to succeed.

    That sucks. It's the opposite of fair and transparent and community driven. want fair and transparent and community-driven AND INSTANT? As the saying goes...Cheap, fast, good: pick two. Frankly, as a web developer, I've been kinda shocked with how *quickly* this site has been making progress. I sure as hell couldn't work that fast.

    "Soylent News" is an awful, awful name for a tech news web site.

    So what's your suggestion?

    It means nothing if you haven't heard of Soylent Green, and if you have heard of Soylent Green it means EATING GROUND HUMAN FLESH SMOOTHIES. It has a general public ick factor that is off the charts.

    No, only the green variety is human flesh. This site is apparently Soylent Red, which is just generic mass-produced nutrient crackers of some sort. ;)

    You've done a disservice to the "community" you keep touting, in my opinion at least.

    ...because you alone speak for all of us, presumably...?