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posted by cmn32480 on Monday March 21 2016, @03:57AM   Printer-friendly
from the how-about-a-democracy-lab-instead dept.

The American presence at the Guantanamo Prison Camp has been deeply contentious since even before terrorism suspects began to be housed there beginning in 2002. Now as President Obama prepares to make the first presidential visit to Cuba in almost 90 years, ecologists Joe Roman and James Kraska have published their case in the influential journal Science for creating a Guantanamo-based research center to study biodiversity in the Caribbean. The primary benefit of a Guantanamo Bay research station is symbolic. "The main goal is trying to take Guantanamo and make it an inspiring place, and redeem it," says Roman. But the case for Guantanamo Bay as a science lab goes beyond political optics. According to Roman and Kraska the land and the sea offer an ecosystem uniquely worthy of study. The research hub of Roman's dreams would be a state-of-the art facility to help understand how biodiversity loss can be prevented across the Caribbean. "A parcel of the land, perhaps on the developed southeastern side of the base, could become a 'Woods Hole of the Caribbean,' housing research and educational facilities dedicated to addressing climate change, ocean conservation, and biodiversity loss. With genetics laboratories, geographic information systems laboratories, videoconference rooms — even art, music, and design studios — scientists, scholars, and artists from Cuba, the United States, and around the world could gather and study. The new facilities could strive to be carbon neutral, with four 80-meter wind turbines having been installed on the base in 2005, and designed to minimize ecological damage to the surrounding marine and terrestrial ecosystems"

According to Roman the main idea is that science can be healing: a way to bring diverse nations together, a way to rectify a complicated history, and a way to help better the lives of all people through research. The biggest roadblock won't be the Obama administration but Congress. Republican lawmakers have derided Obama's preliminary framework for closing the prison so for the foreseeable future, the status quo will remain. But Roman can still dream. "At a certain point, I don't know when, that base is going to close. It's going to return to Cuba at some point. This is a great use of that property. You don't have many places in the world like that."

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  • (Score: 2) by Alfred on Monday March 21 2016, @02:48PM

    by Alfred (4006) on Monday March 21 2016, @02:48PM (#321102) Journal

    VO: In a world gone mad... [sorry, it was obligatory]
    [Fade in Old, happy wedding video]
    VO: A man begins his journey
    (Audio: needle scratch)
    [car crash video]
    (Audio: Sad music)
    [Bandaged woman in hospital bed]
    [man in the rain]
    Male Lead: "I don't know what to do without her."
    [home interior]
    Mom: "She is still there, her heart still beats for you."
    Male Lead: "But *what* can I do?"
    VO: where love and life collide
    [office interior]
    Commanding Officer: "Soldier. Leave is over."
    [Cut to Smart Attractive Lead Woman™ clumsily dropping papers]
    Commanding Officer: "She is your new assignment"
    [Male lead making stupid face]
    (Audio:"walking on sunshine", also obligatory, I actually hate this song)
    [Exterior Female Lead walking dog, spilling coffee]
    VO: She was on top of her game...
    [Interior laboratory]
    Colleague: "Genetics, plants,; You are the best there is"
    Female Lead: "Yeah, but this could be so much more"
    [Interior Office]
    Boss: "We made a deal and you are getting the new lab you need"
    Female Lead: "wow your the best"
    Boss: "It's on an island"
    VO: Together they would change the world
    Male Lead: "So this plant science you do could help someone in a coma?"
    Female Lead: "Sure if it goes that way. Genetic engineering isn't just for crops you know"
    [island base fly over shot]
    Commanding Officer: "You and your team are to escort the doctor to the Facility and establish her research center."
    [Base interior]
    "This is your new home, we expect great things"
    (Audio: ominous drums)
    VO: A top secret facility..
    [unnoticed spilled beaker, liquid goes into crack in concrete floor]
    VO: Still has secrets...
    [office interior] "Underground Sector 5 was sterilize and sealed, the door doesn't even exist anymore, it won't be a problem"
    VO: That are no longer secret
    (Audio: Inception style foghorn)
    [base interior, lights flashing, floors cracking and heaving]
    (Audio: That Violin sound associated with spiders)
    [Base exterior] "Oh my God ! What is it?!"
    [Cut to exterior with big green plant monster rising from the earth]
    (Audio: Inception style foghorn)
    VO: To save the girl he loves
    "get the vial"
    (Audio: Inception style foghorn)
    VO: He must survive
    "the Chopper is this way!"
    (Audio: Inception style foghorn)
    VO: and save the girl that loves him
    "Not on my watch"
    (Audio: Inception style foghorn)
    VO: while destroying everything that brought them together
    "Where's the detonator
    [Black, quiet]
    Female lead: "did we make it?"
    VO: If you liked "Lord of the Rings", "Contagion", "The Notebook", "Star Wars: The Phantom Meanace", "The Rock" or "Casablanca" then this movie is for you
    (Audio: Inception style foghorn)
    [Show title]
    [Indie film festival awards]
    [Summer 20XX]
    [fade to black]

    Ok that was kinda rough, not subtle at all, but... casting ideas anyone?

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