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posted by martyb on Sunday March 27 2016, @12:27PM   Printer-friendly
from the could-this-site-run-without-both-of-them? dept.

Discussion on the advantages of TCP vs UDP (and vice versa) has a history which is almost as long as the eternal Linux-vs-Windows debate. As I have long been a supporter of the point of view that both UDP and TCP have their own niches (see, for example, [NoBugs15]), here are my two cents on this subject.

Note for those who already know the basics of IP and TCP: please skip to the 'Closing the Gap: Improving TCP Interactivity' section, as you still may be able to find a thing or two of interest.

It's a primer, or a refresher, or a skip. We have all kinds here. Enjoy, or don't.

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  • (Score: 2) by Common Joe on Monday March 28 2016, @07:14AM

    by Common Joe (33) <> on Monday March 28 2016, @07:14AM (#323752) Journal

    Once you start needing guarantees then you begin to start re-implementing TCP. If you own the entire loop, i.e. it's a private network this might be worthwhile but as soon as you begin to expand beyond the local side of things TCP does become king.

    My understanding is that that is the key. The network is private so they don't lose tons of packets -- just a few. It sounds like their program can handle those few losses. And you're right, if they opened up the network beyond that, the setup sounds like it would fail. Obviously, this is not a standard database setup, but it's an interesting enough idea that it could be used for other extremely specialized programs. And for all I know, other programs may use it.

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