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posted by martyb on Wednesday May 11 2016, @04:55PM   Printer-friendly
from the just-the-facts,-ma'am dept.

The Washington Post reports on a video from the television series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver regarding flaws in science and in reporting about science.

Topics touched upon by Mr. Oliver include p-hacking, exploratory studies vs. confirmational studies, press releases, the "telephone" effect, animal testing, oversimplification, industry funding, sample sizes, and TED talks.

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    You realize this tax will hurt the poor, right? No one is going to be discouraged from using energy if they can afford it. People need energy to survive. You can't just live off the land in urban areas. So how would this reduce emissions other than forcing the poor to use less fuel because they cannot afford it anymore? Should we reduce carbon emissions even though it means we have blood on our hands? Last time I checked global warming hasn't killed anyone, but not having heating in your home home, or a means to get food and water, or a means to cook and preserve food, does kill people.

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