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posted by martyb on Saturday May 21 2016, @03:17PM   Printer-friendly
from the when-'no'-means-'yes' dept.

Two Soylentils wrote with a caution about a new strategy in Microsoft's playbook to get people to upgrade to Windows 10.

If you Click on the Red "X", You're Getting the Windows 10 Upgrade

That pesky Windows 10 forceware box...

This notification means your Windows 10 upgrade will occur at the time indicated, unless you select either Upgrade now or "Click here to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade". If you click on OK or on the red "X", you're all set for the upgrade and there is nothing further to do.

New Windows 10 Nag Screen May Trick 7, 8.x Users

Windows 7 or 8.x users that want or need to hold on to their current operating systems may be in for a very unpleasant surprise. Microsoft has essentially changed their Windows 10 update notification from a very pushy "opt-in" to an "opt-out". The new notification automatically schedules a time to receive Windows 10. Clicking the "X", as many have gotten used to, no longer prevents installation. Those that do not pay close attention to this new notification may inadvertently wind up with Windows 10 even if they did not want it. Very sneaky stuff.

Microsoft has published an offical article describing the changes.

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  • (Score: 2) by number6 on Sunday May 22 2016, @06:33PM

    by number6 (1831) on Sunday May 22 2016, @06:33PM (#349633) Journal

    The setup file is only ~350 KB.
    The installed program itself has two components: the GUI front end (FileLocker.exe - 460 KB), and a filesystem driver (xlkfs.sys - 27 KB)

    The program does not need to run as an always-on service or daemon. You just run the program EXE, configure the two folders to be inaccessible and then close the program.
    Its folder locking magic is done by built-in methods hacking the Windows API in conjunction with the filesystem driver; it does not use the ACL/permissions system built into Windows.

    The installation scripts built into the Windows updates can easily reconfigure file/folder permissions set by conventional means or commands.

    This program (Easy File Locker) works like a white-hat version of a ransomware virus....and the password (if you have set one) is known to you; Read the FAQ page for more info.
    The author is renowned for creating robust 'security' software; his other program 'Shadow Defender' is a brilliant piece of coding and highly recommended.

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