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posted by NCommander on Wednesday April 23 2014, @10:00PM   Printer-friendly
from the apt-get-install-democracy dept.
I wanted to get feedback on how the community feels about our current name vote. There have been some concerns that we've had relatively small percentage (~10 percent) of members register to vote, and wanted to see if there was something more fundamental going on. As it is currently setup, here's how things are
  • You had to be registered by April 12th to have been included in the name vote; if you received a ballot for submission, you should have gotten ranking ballot
  • We haven't retroactively added in additional users, though it hasn't been clear that there was a hard cutoff
  • The submission phase went until the 19th, and the vote for the name will continue until the 27th
  • The current system is email only (but we are looking at getting something integrated into the website implemented for future votes)

I want to hear your feedback below from everyone. Based on what we get back, we'll roll improvements into future votes, or if need be, reset the vote and do it again; I know a lot of you are active here or at least more involved, so the relatively low turnout is a warning canary for me. Leave your comments below, and expect another story in a few days to see how we're using your comments.

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  • (Score: 1) by bill_mcgonigle on Thursday April 24 2014, @02:19AM

    by bill_mcgonigle (1105) on Thursday April 24 2014, @02:19AM (#35317)

    No, I got the newsletter and not the ballot.

    Admins, if you give me a timestamp for when the mail was sent to me, I'll check my logs for you.

    Unless there was some opt-in I never heard about...

  • (Score: 2) by lhsi on Thursday April 24 2014, @07:25AM

    by lhsi (711) on Thursday April 24 2014, @07:25AM (#35385) Journal

    In the preferences section there is a "willing to vote" checkbox that has to be checked in order to take part. It was mentioned in one of the earlier stories about the vote, but I seem to recall that it was a lengthy post.

    • (Score: 2) by mth on Thursday April 24 2014, @09:53AM

      by mth (2848) on Thursday April 24 2014, @09:53AM (#35433) Homepage

      I didn't know about that checkbox, so that explains why I didn't get a ballot. The checkbox is in a weird place: I'd expect it under Messages, not under Homepage. I never read the home page -- I use RSS instead -- so I never looked at the home page preferences.

      • (Score: 1) by joekiser on Tuesday April 29 2014, @01:47AM

        by joekiser (1837) on Tuesday April 29 2014, @01:47AM (#37464)

        Well I *did* select the checkbox, and it never arrived. I know how to check my spam folder.

        The whole name change vote is fucking stupid. It's about to turn me off from this site as well.

        Debt is the currency of slaves.
  • (Score: 2) by tibman on Thursday April 24 2014, @01:19PM

    by tibman (134) Subscriber Badge on Thursday April 24 2014, @01:19PM (#35511)

    The opt-in window was pretty small too, only a few days i think.

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