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posted by Dopefish on Wednesday February 19 2014, @03:00PM   Printer-friendly
from the now-that's-a-bright-idea dept.

Lagg writes:

"Philips put out a press release detailing their new retail lighting system, which is designed for the purpose of saving power by tracking subjects in a room, then increasing or decreasing light intensity as needed. Philips also advertises a secondary feature for providing location based sale adverts to the customer directly on their smartphone. This will require the user to install an app to actually receive the sale alerts, but it's unclear exactly how this tracking will be done otherwise.

Any home automation types in the comments have a theory as to how this will work on a technical level? My best guess is that there are infrared LEDs paired with the lighting fixtures themselves that can be picked up by phones with IR sensors in them. Further, what advantages does this sort of system have in terms of lighting efficiency that an electric eye setup wouldn't accomplish just as well?"

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  • (Score: 5, Interesting) by sfm on Wednesday February 19 2014, @03:43PM

    by sfm (675) on Wednesday February 19 2014, @03:43PM (#2531)

    Having visited stores with automatic adjustable lighting, I find the experience less than satisfying. It is very annoying to have lights flicker on (and off) as you walk around corners. The time constants for systems I have seen are on the order of 10-20 seconds, so standing still while deciding on a selection could easily allow the lights to turn off (the system is motion activated).
    While I understand there maybe some savings in electricity usage, I would much prefer if the stores in question would increase the on-time in order to reduce the annoyance factor.

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  • (Score: 1) by whizzer on Wednesday February 19 2014, @05:28PM

    by whizzer (1674) on Wednesday February 19 2014, @05:28PM (#2635)

    In Heinlein's short story "Waldo" the titular character had a lighting system similar to what is being attempted here. The lights were controlled by the direction the person's head was facing and could accommodate multiple people in a single room. The point seemed to be to provide backlighting in a zero-g environment so there wasn't glare in your eyes if you happened to be looking "up".
    I always thought it was an interesting concept. Hopefully this tech advances and eventually is used to improve the room's lighting, not just save a few bucks on electrical costs.

  • (Score: 1) by xtronics on Wednesday February 19 2014, @06:11PM

    by xtronics (1884) on Wednesday February 19 2014, @06:11PM (#2687) Homepage

    I just find any lighting modulation distracting - Probably will reduce sales. I sure wouldn't use it if I was in retail.