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posted by janrinok on Friday October 14 2016, @05:28PM   Printer-friendly
from the avoiding-Samaritan dept.

The UK government has been urged to establish an AI ethics board to tackle the creeping influence of machine learning on society.

The call comes from a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence report published yesterday by the the House of Commons science and technology select committee. It quotes experts who warned the panel that AI "raises a host of ethical and legal issues".

"We recommend that a standing Commission on Artificial Intelligence be established, based at the Alan Turing Institute, to examine the social, ethical and legal implications of recent and potential developments in AI," the report said.

It highlighted that methods are required to verify that AI systems are operating in a transparent manner, to make sure that their behaviour is not unpredictable, and that any decisions made can be explained.

Innovate UK – an agency of's Department of Business – said that "no clear paths exist for the verification and validation of autonomous systems whose behaviour changes with time."

They think they can stop Samaritan?

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  • (Score: 2) by maxwell demon on Saturday October 15 2016, @03:57PM

    by maxwell demon (1608) on Saturday October 15 2016, @03:57PM (#414601) Journal

    Once you can fully audit an intelligent system and there is no "mystery" to how it works it ceases to be artificial intelligence and becomes simply a program (this is a philosophical distinction rather than a programmatic distinction.) The idea being that once an AI is fully audited or understood, it ceases to mirror the complexity and magic of the human mind, which has functions that we can not understand or audit.

    So as soon as we fully understand human intelligence, humans cease to be intelligent?

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