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posted by martyb on Wednesday October 19 2016, @01:09PM   Printer-friendly
from the freedom-of-the-press dept.

Amy Goodman, host of the New York City-based leftist news programme Democracy Now! was charged with criminal trespass by the North Dakota state's attorney (prosecutor). The charge was changed to riot, then was dismissed due to lack of evidence when Goodman appeared in court on Monday. The charges stemmed from her presence at a protest in September against construction of the Dakota Access (Bakken) oil pipeline, after the protest was reported on her show.


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  • (Score: 2) by sjames on Wednesday October 19 2016, @07:21PM

    by sjames (2882) on Wednesday October 19 2016, @07:21PM (#416300) Journal

    So this bitch was a ringleader in an act of vandalism carried out explicitly so she could 'report' it... while of course pretending to be a journalist and not the eco-terrorist she actually is.

    Pretty major fault: that allegation is against a different reporter at another location.

    As for the rest, just because I consider Trump to be about the worst choice we've had in many years, it doesn't mean I consider Clinton good enough to vote for. I'd sooner write in Ficus than vote for either of them.

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