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posted by martyb on Saturday May 03 2014, @05:14PM   Printer-friendly
from the most-employees-are-not-in-Office-most-of-the-day dept.

A recent article in PCWorld reveals that many companies are simply throwing money away:

Organisations are wasting money licensing Microsoft Office applications that the majority of employees barely use, a study released this week by application analytics startup SoftWatch has found. Conclusion: many users could easly be migrated to far cheaper cloud applications such as Google Apps.

The firm carried out a 3-month analysis of Office suite use in 51 global firms representing 148,500 employees, revealing that seven out of ten employees weren't using any single application heavily, launching them only for viewing or light editing.

The average employee spent only 48 minutes per day using Office, largely the Outlook email client, which consumed about 68 percent of that activity. Excel was in second place with 17 percent, or an average of 8 minutes per day, leaving Word and PowerPoint trailing with only 5 minutes and 2 minutes per day each.

That email is popular and spreadsheets and presentations less so is not a surprise. The latter are occasional applications that non-specialist employees use only when they really have to and their importance can't necessarily be measured in terms of how often they are used so much as the impact that use has.

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  • (Score: 2) by VLM on Monday May 05 2014, @12:17AM

    by VLM (445) on Monday May 05 2014, @12:17AM (#39613)

    Where would you save the file if you're "not too good at that computer stuff" like knowing the concept of a file or directory.

    If you ever have to re-send it, and you will, its easier (for some) to find the paper.

    Some folks skip the MS Paint step and scribble on the printout. They tend to be completely illiterate so I can't read their writing. Ideally everyone would enter text in MS Paint and draw lines by hand, but whatever.

    Also insert draconian rules about all emails older than 90 days are deleted so if it ever becomes important in the future, like for annual reviews, you need hard copy.

    Finally insert draconian file storage quotas. Its not that a gig of disk space is expensive, its a gig of disk space total for a fraction of a million employees times exhaustive backup procedures starts adding up.

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