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posted by janrinok on Tuesday May 06 2014, @07:02PM   Printer-friendly
from the sharing-is-good dept.

bryan over at Pipedot has released the source code for Pipecode, the software running pipedot.

Pipecode is written in PHP and the code is using the GPLv3.

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  • (Score: 2) by elf on Wednesday May 07 2014, @11:53AM

    by elf (64) on Wednesday May 07 2014, @11:53AM (#40489)

    Good to hear :) I'll help out with the "pastel" theme if you like, I know CSS fairly well (Not an expert but can find anything out I don't know). I'll drop you a PM for further details

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  • (Score: 2) by NCommander on Thursday May 08 2014, @05:36AM

    by NCommander (2) Subscriber Badge <> on Thursday May 08 2014, @05:36AM (#40821) Homepage Journal

    I missed your ping on IRC; I've been dealing with laptop issues all week (long story), and I've been somewhat hit or miss to reach. Try reaching paulej72 or mrcoolbp on IRC as I'm going to be out for the next few days.

    Still always moving