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posted by Fnord666 on Friday March 24 2017, @06:49PM   Printer-friendly
from the didn't-need-those-folders-anyway dept.

in with a story on Robert Elder Software blog entitled Silently Corrupting an Eclipse Workspace: The Ultimate Prank:

Next time your co-worker asks:

"What's the best way to back up my Eclipse workspace on Windows?"

you can tell them "Just right-click on it and select 'Send to Compressed (zipped) folder' and save the zip file". Unbeknownst to them, you just pulled the ultimate prank by telling them to make a corrupted backup!

          What your friend probably doesn't realize is that the Windows 'Send to Compressed (zipped) folder' utility has a mandatory optional feature to automatically not include certain folders in the archive without telling you. This is a great feature because it demonstrates the excellent sense of humour that the authors of Microsoft Windows have. This feature was no doubt included to allow you to play a variety of hilarious pranks on others by causing them lose data, only to find out about it years later when they want to open the archive and recover it.

The blog post goes on to identify other idiosyncrasies with how Windows mishandles directories whose names start with a period and/or contain Unicode characters.

Reasons you haven't switched to Linux (cont.):

  • 3. Windows has superior development tools.

What other issues have you found with how Windows handles filenames?

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  • (Score: 4, Insightful) by SDRefugee on Saturday March 25 2017, @01:09AM

    by SDRefugee (4477) on Saturday March 25 2017, @01:09AM (#483978)

    I get a lot of entertainment from articles like this... After 20 years of using/supporting primarily MS Windows, and towards the end of that 20 years, some Linux also, I decided, when I retired in 2010, I was DONE with MS products, and one day, fired up gparted, and deleted my Win7 partition on both of my main systems, reinitialized Grub, and became MS-less, and after nearly 7 years of avoiding the insanity that is the life of anybody who still uses Windows, esp now with "Windows NSA Edition nee Windows 10"... These stories about the stupidity that is the MS ecosystem and the abuse MS heaps on those who still, for WHATever reason, use their products, provides a great amount of entertainment for me, and I'll bet a lot of other people who have dumped Windows for Linux/Mac/BSDs.....

    America should be proud of Edward Snowden, the hero, whether they know it or not..
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