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posted by martyb on Monday May 19 2014, @11:51AM   Printer-friendly
from the updates-got-you-down? dept.

Woody Leonhard of Infoworld summarizes the current state of Microsoft KB 2919355, the ambiguously-titled 'Windows 8.1 Update' (not to be confused with the update _to_ Windows 8.1).

In short: Microsoft has frozen two discussion threads on KB2919355 issues (after 103 and 116 pages of comments), and updated the Knowledge Base article with workarounds for seven major errors... some of which don't work.

In last week's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft changed their deadline for this Update until June (formerly they were requiring all Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 systems worldwide to have installed the Update in order to receive new patches).

Meanwhile, if you run a WSUS server, you may notice that the package for KB291355 (last reissued for the third time on 6 May) was apparently silently reissued over the weekend with a new release date of '15 May 2014', but there's no indication of any software updates in the KB article. The article revision number, however, now stands at '21.0'. Yes, twenty-one revisions. With no changelog.

Anyone else with interesting stories about your deployment issues with this Update?

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  • (Score: 2) by Hairyfeet on Tuesday May 20 2014, @03:23PM

    by Hairyfeet (75) <> on Tuesday May 20 2014, @03:23PM (#45628) Journal

    Than you for proving my point, when given a chance to prove once and for all that you are right? you resort to name calling, why? because you know as well as i do that Linux can't even muster a frankly piss poor 5 years of updates without taking a big shit all over its own drivers. What fascinates me is why people like you are willing to defend something with such a poor level of support. You seem intelligent, is your time worthless? Do you have self esteem issues? Do you have some compulsion to root for an underdog even if its bad?

    I guess that is one more advantage over Linux, Windows users don't take shit like a battered housewife, when Windows comes out with a shit version we have a fit and actually get things changed. See Windows 9 shaping up to be Windows 7 with a slightly fancier start menu for instance. Whereas Linux users just won't stand up for themselves, they get shit on with piss poor support, a bad driver model, alpha quality software like Pulse and instead of doing what would be best for the OS and having a bloody shitfit and demanding better you rush to defend it with TMs like ItsFreeYouCantComplain [] and YouJustDontUnderstand [].

    But you still haven't answered my questions...why won't you accept the challenge? Are you standing here admitting you are defending an OS you can't even update for half the windows support cycle without it breaking? Why do you think an OS that you, an experienced Linux user, can't get to update for even half the time of a Windows support cycle is a worthy replacement for any Windows OS? If you believe I'm wrong its trivial to prove, take the test and post the results to YouTube. The challenge has stood for 7 years, nobody has been able to do it and THAT frankly says more about Linux than I ever could. It works on servers because the hardware is ancient and I doubt if there is more than 400 server drivers required for every server kit ever built, it works in embedded like cellphones because you only have to make it work once, but semingly otherwise intelligent guys like you will rush to defend a half baked piss poor excuse for desktop support because....hell i don't know, maybe you think you are "sticking it to teh man!" or your time truly is worthless.

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