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posted by martyb on Friday June 30 2017, @10:11AM   Printer-friendly
from the thank-you-captain-obvious dept.

Bryan Lunduke at Network World calls out what other mainstream media have been too timid, or bought out, to call out. He starts by pointing out that choosing Microsoft Windows for your organization should get you fired and that if you haven't already replaced Windows, across the board, you absolutely stink at your job.

There. Finally the topic is broached in mainstream media and a proper discussion can now start among decision makers who can arrange complete migrations to GNU/Linux, Chrome/Linux, one of the BSDs, or a combination of them.

As Microsoft security problems continue to escalate since even the pre-networked, MS-DOS days, managers and front-line grunts will find themselves increasingly culpable for selecting unviable software, such as Microsoft Windows. If they wish to pay big bucks for maintenance, there are plenty of companies around to participate in the money. Canonical, Red Hat, M:Tier are just a sampling.

[Ed. Note: I debated whether or not to run this story — in some respects it's just the Windows vs *nix argument all over again. Also, there are proprietary programs which are critical for certain industries which currently only run on Windows. On the other hand, gaining a mention like this in the more mainstream media, does that mean we are approaching an inflection point? Witness the increased displeasure with Windows 10's telemetry and the difficulty in completely blocking it. What programs do you use that are only available on Windows? What keeps you from moving to another OS? --martyb]

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  • (Score: 1) by noneof_theabove on Friday June 30 2017, @03:58PM

    by noneof_theabove (6189) on Friday June 30 2017, @03:58PM (#533517)

    Evidently you & wife1.0 live under a big flat rock just above the bedrock [alludes to Flintstones].
    An exact replica of the POS Ribbon Bar is an instant law suit.
    And finally do your homework - LibreOffice has a Ribbon Bar called the Notebookbar.
    It not bad if your are addicted to getting less screen real estate with play-school eye candy. [learn all the shorts cut keys and how to manipulate them]
    Duck it [screw google] for enable notebookbar [also called Ribbon Interface].
    1) open tools > options
    2) goto LibreOffice > Advanced Section
    3) Check “Enable experimental features (may be unstable)” then click “OK.”
    4) Restart LibreOffice
    5) On Menu Bar click View > Toolbar Layout > Notebookbar
    6) this can be toggled at will.

    I have not been on MS Office since OpenOffice 0.6
    The only reason for using MSO is high level commands in Spreadsheets, that Libre has more functions but not the "rocket science" ones [did I hear a legal snake grumbling]