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posted by martyb on Saturday July 01 2017, @12:31AM   Printer-friendly
from the to-visit-the-Chinese-who-will-already-be-there dept.

Japan plans to put a man on the moon around 2030, according to a new proposal by the government's Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). It is the first time JAXA has revealed an intention to send Japanese astronauts beyond the International Space Station, and it will mostly likely be part of an international mission, the agency said.

[...] A spokesman for JAXA told CNN the new plan wasn't to send an exclusively Japanese rocket to the Moon, which would be extremely costly, but rather to contribute to a multinational manned lunar probe. By contributing technology, JAXA would hope to be allotted a space on the mission, which would begin preparation in 2025.

Also at Space News.

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    They should go for 230 V to reduce the need for heavy cables and 60 Hz to reduce the need for a lot of iron in transformers and motors. One benefit with 50 Hz is PAL compatibility though which has way better colors and stability.

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