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posted by takyon on Saturday July 08 2017, @11:20AM   Printer-friendly
from the implementation-is-voluntary dept.

Tim Berners-Lee approved Web DRM yesterday, but W3C member organizations have two weeks to appeal. This was the controversial Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) standard for the WWW known as Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). The last opportunity to stop EME is an appeal by the Advisory Committee of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). An appeal would then trigger a vote from the whole Committee to make a final decision to ratify or reject EME. As an added difficulty Tim Berners-Lee heads the Advisory Committee.

Also at Techdirt and EFF. W3C's "Disposition of Comments for Encrypted Media Extensions and Director's decision".

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  • (Score: 2) by frojack on Saturday July 08 2017, @04:41PM (1 child)

    by frojack (1554) on Saturday July 08 2017, @04:41PM (#536567) Journal

    The whole point of DRM is to be as opaque as possible.

    Are you sure?
    Because that strategy hasn't worked that well in most segments of the DRM world. People find a way around it.

    I suspect the whole point of DRM is to make it obvious when it is hacked/defeated, so that prosecution is easier.

    I bet it ends up being more like Like the Dye-Pack in the stack of bills than the armed guards at the door.

    No, you are mistaken. I've always had this sig.
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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 08 2017, @06:34PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 08 2017, @06:34PM (#536600)

    While I suspect HDMI may do something like that, your prepostion relies on secret watermarks.