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posted by LaminatorX on Saturday February 22 2014, @12:45AM   Printer-friendly
from the God-(damned)-article dept.

Open4D writes:

"Peter Higgs recently collected his Nobel Prize in Physics. He gave an interview for BBC radio, which can be heard here (30 mins). The headline of the resulting article focuses on how he may have just missed out on realizing how the Higgs Mechanism could link in with the Standard Model, but there are various other insights for anyone interested in a long life lived in Physics academia."

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  • (Score: 1) by Drake_Edgewater on Saturday February 22 2014, @08:36PM

    by Drake_Edgewater (780) on Saturday February 22 2014, @08:36PM (#4944) Journal

    (Disclaimer: I wrote in my journal about this topic []).

    According to Prof. Higgs, he missed the opportunity at a science meeting in 1960 because he went to bed early. My supervisor would kill me!

    In the interview he also blames his work for the breakdown of his marriage and a personality change after he realized his research might be successful.

    It seems to me that a successful career in academia and a solid relationship are mutually exclusive states.