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posted by martyb on Monday July 31 2017, @06:22PM   Printer-friendly
from the lives-matter dept.

The Cook County Jail in Chicago, IL has trained hundreds of inmates on how to use the opioid overdose-reversing drug naloxone, and has given doses out to inmates upon release:

Cook County now gives at-risk inmates the overdose-reversing drug naloxone upon their release from jail and Los Angeles is poised to follow suit, putting the antidote in as many hands as possible as part of a multifaceted approach to combatting the nation's opioid epidemic.

Cook County Jail, the largest single-site jail in the country, has trained about 900 inmates how to use naloxone nasal spray devices since last summer and has distributed 400 of them to at-risk men and women as they got out. The devices can undo the effects of an opiate overdose almost immediately and are identical to those used by officers in many of the country's law enforcement agencies.

[...] It is too soon to gauge the effectiveness of Cook County's program, but Dart said anecdotal evidence suggests that the kits have saved lives, including a man who was arrested again, returned to jail, and told of how a friend he had trained to use the kit had done so when he overdosed. In New York City, more than 4,000 kits have been distributed to friends and relatives of inmates at the city's jail at Rikers Island since the program there was launched in 2014.

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    Our war on poverty created more poverty, encourages people to remain mired in the web of the welfare state.

    Your? But of course. Because you just make-believe playing you are doing it.

    If tax and spend, socialism lite, could create prosperity we would have one example in the world to hold up by now.

    Like the Scandinavian countries, you mean? Or Germany, which can afford to offer free tertiary education for anyone that wants it, foreigners included?
    Riiiight! They obviously failed, they are only social-democracies and this didn't even defend them against opening a Surströmming in a public place [] (or... was it the Bowling Green Massacre []?).

    Seriously, show me a modern example where we actually learn from a mistake.

    You aren't able to learn from your own mistakes, much less from other's successes []
    (e.g. while 900 people died of drug overdoses in British Columbia [] from a population of 4.6 million, Spain managed to have a 556 drug-induced deaths in a population of 46.77 million, spending 0.03% of their GDP)

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