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posted by martyb on Tuesday August 01 2017, @04:41AM   Printer-friendly
from the production-needs-a-boost dept.

Tesla is beginning to deliver a small number of Model 3 cars, but there are concerns that Tesla will not be able to produce enough cars to meet demand:

Wall Street finally got to see all the details of the Tesla Model 3 during the car's launch event Friday. So far investors have given it the thumbs down with the electric car maker's shares down more than 2 percent midday Monday.

"We believe the Model 3 was as good as or better than expected, and pricing was as expected with considerable initial upsell. That said, the rubber now hits the road, and the fundamental questions remain unanswered," Bernstein's Toni Sacconaghi wrote in a note to clients Monday. "CEO Elon Musk sounds increasingly squeamish about the production ramp." The analyst cited how the $35,000 Model 3 car will not be available until early 2018 with only a higher-priced $49,000 model available this year. He also noted Musk's comment to employees to prepare for "production hell."

Speaking of "production hell", Tesla employees in California are threatening to unionize:

Employees at the electric automaker's factory in Fremont, California, have been agitating for a union since Jose Moran, a production associate, wrote a Medium post in January detailing difficult work conditions at the flagship plant. The bulk of the demands has since centered on improving equipment to reduce workplace injuries.

[...] Musk originally called injury allegations at the Fremont plant "disingenuous or outright false" but has since told employees to report injuries directly to him.

Although the base price of the car is $35,000, that can rise to $55,000 or more after options.

Also at MarketWatch, Ars Technica, and CNET.

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  • (Score: 5, Informative) by bzipitidoo on Tuesday August 01 2017, @06:31AM

    by bzipitidoo (4388) on Tuesday August 01 2017, @06:31AM (#547538) Journal

    > I went through Chevy's site

    Took me a while to realize that automakers' websites are hardly better than their salespeople. Probably written by the same people. They're very grudging on telling you the lowdown. Like their salespeople, their websites keep trying to steer and drive you to the hype, snow you with marketspeak, and dazzle you with colors, shiny things, and luxury options. And they're annoyingly persistent.

    I looked at the Bolt. Took a little digging to get past the marketing drivel on their website and get to the pertinent numbers of how far can you go on a charge, and how long does it take to recharge. Those crucial numbers were about half and double respectively of the Tesla Model 3's numbers. As I recall, no matter how powerful the charging station is, the Bolt simply cannot be recharged in less than half an hour, and then it's good for only 150 miles. That makes the Bolt impractical for a road trip. The Model 3 is tolerable, if still not quite as fast as a combustion engine vehicle. GM gets an E for effort.

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