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posted by martyb on Friday May 30 2014, @09:14AM   Printer-friendly
from the needs-a-spoonful-of-sugar? dept.

Some soylentils have an interest in the Soylent food product, which claims to be complete, scientifically-based nutrition. Now Farhad Manjoo at the New York Times has spent a week and a half living off of it, and found it disappointing:

I just spent more than a week experiencing Soylent, the most joyless new technology to hit the world since we first laid eyes on MS-DOS.

Read the rest at the NYT: The Soylent Revolution Will Not Be Pleasurable.

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  • (Score: 2) by Magic Oddball on Saturday May 31 2014, @08:00AM

    by Magic Oddball (3847) on Saturday May 31 2014, @08:00AM (#49492) Journal

    According to the article, fruit was on the 'recommended' list he tried: "peanut butter, fruit, vanilla extract or other flavorings."

    I had to take bland, thick 'liquid' nutrition (which is extremely close in ingredients to Soylent) as a kid, and can attest that flavoring it is extremely difficult at best; it tends to either be untouched by a flavoring, or become nasty, sometimes gag-inducingly so. If you were to mix original gritty Metamucil, oatmeal, Bisquick, and heavy (liquid) whipping cream together, you might get a good approximation of it just for the challenge. You might want to have a quick-acting nausea pill nearby, though... ;-)

    That said, Farhad Manjoo is such an ignorant, smug little twat that I stopped reading the tech section at the last two sites he wrote for. Given they both hired him just when they switched over to printing a lot of trollish clickbait (like that article) and ads disguised as reviews, his presence at the NYT is probably a very bad sign.

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