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posted by LaminatorX on Sunday June 01 2014, @12:57PM   Printer-friendly
from the As-in-Freedom dept.

The Guardian publishes a lengthy but well constructed essay of Eben Moglen, titled "Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy". It is one of the most insightful excursion into why privacy matters, why Snowden cannot be considered a traitor; has well picked examples from history; hints about what the civil society could do (my cynical note: if only it'd be interested) to reclaim privacy back. Granted, takes about an hour to read (and probably a lifetime to filter by first-hand experience: unfortunately not the kind of experience one would wish for).

(I dare not write a digest for SN, the essay is so coherent and round that I'm afraid any omission would damage its discourse. Can't do nothing but recommend it for reading: if you can't do on a working say, save the link for the weekend)

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  • (Score: 5, Interesting) by Rune of Doom on Sunday June 01 2014, @02:27PM

    by Rune of Doom (1392) on Sunday June 01 2014, @02:27PM (#49910)

    Biologist turned science-fiction author Peter Watts had several [] interesting things [] to say about the idea of "looking back" at those in power. (They were interesting enough for Bruce Schneier to link []to.) A very short summary would be: alpha primates regard "looking back" as a challenge. Just ask Snowden, Manning or on less national level, anyone who tries to film a police officer.

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  • (Score: 2) by AndyTheAbsurd on Sunday June 01 2014, @08:48PM

    by AndyTheAbsurd (3958) on Sunday June 01 2014, @08:48PM (#49987) Journal

    Watts missed a major point: There's a big difference between a lone, half-starved, young male gorilla staring at the well-fed older gorilla in his prime; and a group of 10 half-starved young male gorillas deciding to cooperate to get rid of the older gorilla. Part of being "elite" is that there are fewer elites than there are of other classes - so the other classes need to cooperate to keep them in line.

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by Yog-Yogguth on Monday June 02 2014, @01:51AM

    by Yog-Yogguth (1862) Subscriber Badge on Monday June 02 2014, @01:51AM (#50056) Journal

    That is entirely correct and very insightful. It also means that through acting as a spokesperson for the surveillance the US government has declared war on humanity. A stranger kind of war which is far more lopsided than the war on terror ever could have been and suggesting they might be proportionally awful at winning it. Since I don't think they're actually in charge of anything except on paper I doubt we're that lucky [].

    While someone/thing else might be in charge no one needs to be in charge if a system can offer enough benefits to be self-propagating through use.

    Things might have crossed that point already, doesn't it strike anyone else how sloppy everything surrounding it actually is? Maybe it only reflects the incredible nose-dive my appreciation of the US government has taken but it is as if it doesn't matter any more. It is as if the people and officials defending or denying it either don't understand any of it or its ramifications or knew anything about what was going on beyond the most vague policy dictates (all of which might still disastrously bad, illegal, stupid, and criminal). I fail to see them as anything but inept clowns failing at pretending to play shop and think they would improve their image of "working" simply by not being present or even alive.

    I don't think Eben Moglen of TFA sees and/or realizes and/or agrees with any of this, I don't think Snowden does either. Then again trying to rally people and trying to inform people or make them understand without walking right into cuckoo territory and sounding completely insane is a pretty tough challenge (I likely fail it just by saying anything at all).

    All of this aside: maybe something will work.

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    • (Score: 2, Funny) by Jeremiah Cornelius on Monday June 02 2014, @04:28AM

      by Jeremiah Cornelius (2785) on Monday June 02 2014, @04:28AM (#50075) Journal

      Never ascribe to incompetence, that which can be explained by allegiance to black magic,and worship of satan.

      You're betting on the pantomime horse...
      • (Score: 2) by Yog-Yogguth on Monday June 02 2014, @06:41AM

        by Yog-Yogguth (1862) Subscriber Badge on Monday June 02 2014, @06:41AM (#50108) Journal

        Well that would fit the sloppy part at least but on the other hand it's not like they're doing IT support :)

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