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posted by janrinok on Monday June 02 2014, @11:36AM   Printer-friendly
from the buddy-can-you-spare-me-a-dime? dept.

The US military's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft is proving to be a pain in the neck in more ways than one. Not only did the Pentagon spend almost $400 billion to buy 2,400 aircraft - about twice as much as it cost to put a man on the moon - the F-35 program is 7 years behind schedule and $163 billion over budget. This at a time when cuts in the defense budget are forcing the Pentagon to shrink the size of the military. CBS 60 Minutes took a closer look at the troubled fighter plane a few months back, but their rebroadcast on Sunday evening seems like as good a reason as any to revisit one of the biggest ongoing budget debacles in U.S. military memory. David Martin gets an inside look at what makes the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter the most expensive weapons system in history.

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  • (Score: 1) by Buck Feta on Monday June 02 2014, @12:58PM

    by Buck Feta (958) on Monday June 02 2014, @12:58PM (#50183) Journal

    Wait, we wasted all that money on the military when we could have had 200 NBA teams instead?

    - fractious political commentary goes here -
  • (Score: 2) by Angry Jesus on Monday June 02 2014, @02:50PM

    by Angry Jesus (182) on Monday June 02 2014, @02:50PM (#50236)

    For all of the problems with the exercise, I though Dennis Rodman going to N Korea was probably a net positive.
    Basketball diplomacy...