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posted by Fnord666 on Friday September 22 2017, @11:39PM   Printer-friendly
from the cars-aren't-intelligent,-they-only-*think*-they-are dept.

According to CNBC, Tesla is teaming up with AMD to develop a custom chip optimized for AI, to be used for self-driving features in Tesla cars. The head of Tesla's "Autopilot" team is Jim Keller, formerly of AMD and Apple, who helped design the A4 and A5 chips while working at Apple and was lead architect on the Athlon 64 at AMD.

Also at Engadget, TechCrunch, and Business Insider

GlobalFoundries, which fabricates chips for Advanced Micro Devices Inc, said on Thursday that Tesla had not committed to working with it on any autonomous driving technology or product, contradicting an earlier media report. [...] The spokesperson for GlobalFoundries said that Jha’s comments at the GlobalFoundries Technology Conference were not reported accurately.

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by steveha on Saturday September 23 2017, @08:51AM

    by steveha (4100) on Saturday September 23 2017, @08:51AM (#572044)

    Wish beauhd or msmash or whoever keeps cross posting these fucking articles would get banned.

    Hi, I submitted the story about a half day before it went up at Slashdot. I don't know when the Slashdot story was submitted, but it could have been submitted after I submitted mine if they grab stories out of their queue faster.

    It's not great that it appeared here after it appeared on Slashdot and was debunked, but I'm not angry about it.

    Also, I was careful to put the word "Reportedly" in the headline. The story I submitted was correct: CNBC did report that according to "a source" this story was true. Please don't accuse me of spreading "fake news".

    The definitive debunking comment was this one: [] That was posted by Charlie Demerjian, an editor at the SemiAccurate [] web site. (Or at least that's who that poster claims to be.)

    I really wonder if the "source" who tipped off CNBC was holding a short position in AMD stock or something.

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