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posted by n1 on Wednesday June 04 2014, @09:37AM   Printer-friendly
from the nothing-but-illegible-scribbles dept.

The NY Times asks does handwriting matter? The Common Core standards stop teaching handwriting after the first grade, preferring a proficiency in typing after that.

However, studies are showing that children learn faster, are able to retain more information, and generate new ideas when they first learn to write by hand. The process of thinking about how to form a letter and putting it on the page stimulates more areas of the brain. This come from the inherent messiness in free-form writing, which can be a valuable learning tool.

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  • (Score: 2, Insightful) by hojo on Wednesday June 04 2014, @12:40PM

    by hojo (4254) on Wednesday June 04 2014, @12:40PM (#51063)

    There's always the potential confounding factor of "which came first" when you you study things like "nice handwriting improves SAT scores."

    E.g.: Students who study cello do better on the SAT. Is the root cause the fact that cello students all have involved parents and a relatively affluent beginning, reflecting a better startup condition for learning, or does playing the cello make a person smarter? The same issue comes up with things like this cursive report.

    I think the more likely causal issue is that good students are good at lots of things that they test for on the SAT. It doesn't matter if you're a winner in ballroom dance contests or win the spelling bee--in both cases, you've just shown your true scholastic aptitude in a different venue, especially your willingness to work hard at some task.

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