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posted by martyb on Monday October 09 2017, @12:06AM   Printer-friendly
from the I-prefer-Ritz®-crackers dept.

A Russian software company by the name of Arusoft may have cracked 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray DRM. All it requires is a PC with a Blu-Ray drive and a $235 piece of software.

At the beginning of this week a new mysterious company with a new mysterious software popped up, Arusoft with DeUHD. The company claimed that its software would be able to copy Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. In a statement to us, the company even stated that it considered AACS 2.0 to be cracked.

With a license of €200 ($235) there weren't many people who wanted to test and potentially lose their money. Therefore, the company handed out 5 licenses to randomly selected users and the first results are in.

To sum up the results: It works, but they don't appear to have cracked AACS 2.0 itself. Instead, the DeUHD developers appear to have found working keys for specific films.

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    by LoRdTAW (3755) on Monday October 09 2017, @02:24AM (#579069) Journal

    I'd say the low demand has to do with streaming. I used to download a lot of films and TV shows. After the whole thing broke where people were tracking torrents and sending out letters I stopped completely out of the fact that I don't need their content bad enough to start hiding behind VPN's. Around that same time I was splitting fios with my former landlord and found that with a few premium channels, on-demand, and a DVR, you had plenty of TV, and it was more than enough for me. Now I have just the internet along with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime TV. Costs me less than $100 and I get everything I want without worrying about any legal bullshit. If I don't want the TV I just cancel it.

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