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posted by mrpg on Saturday October 21 2017, @04:41PM   Printer-friendly
from the alliterative-animals dept.

Effective immediately, the new release of Ubuntu, 17.10, aka 'Artful Aardvark' has been released!

This release will be supported for 9 months (until 2018) for Long Term Support, stick with release 16.04, instead.

Official flavors (e.g. Kubuntu) are also released.

See the above release notes for a full list of changes and where you can get a copy.

[Full disclosure: the majority of SoylentNews' servers run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS though we have taken steps towards moving to Gentoo.]


The customized version of GNOME that Ubuntu 17.10 uses is very much in the mould of the (now defunct) Unity desktop, so it won't be to everyone's tastes.


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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 21 2017, @06:17PM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 21 2017, @06:17PM (#585730)

    Not just Wayland, but also systemd... The rats have escaped the lab!

    If you don't use Slackware, the one true Linux (though BSD is even more UNIXy), you're totally wack...

  • (Score: 2) by TheGratefulNet on Saturday October 21 2017, @06:29PM (1 child)

    by TheGratefulNet (659) on Saturday October 21 2017, @06:29PM (#585733)

    been using devuan on one of my laptops, lately. with some help and tuning, its been ok. and systemd-free, too.

    usb camera was not working OOTB and needed lots of backports, but it was about an hour of stackoverflowing/etc and I had all the backports I needed to get 'cheese' (etc) working. that was the only real issue (3d gfx libs and drivers).

    "It is now safe to switch off your computer."
    • (Score: 3, Informative) by jmorris on Sunday October 22 2017, @04:56AM

      by jmorris (4844) <{jmorris} {at} {}> on Sunday October 22 2017, @04:56AM (#585871)

      I had to Google up some magic (rebuild three packages) to get MATE working on a Thinkpad with power management. But it has been a year now and Praise Bob it 'just works!'

      Devuan is the answer to "What the Hell happened to Linux? How do I get a traditional distro back?"

      And if Stable is too old for ya, my test VM install of Ascii finally updated cleanly this weekend so they solved the problem with rsyslogd. With luck that will roll on out as "ready for production" soon.