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posted by mrpg on Saturday October 21 2017, @04:41PM   Printer-friendly
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Effective immediately, the new release of Ubuntu, 17.10, aka 'Artful Aardvark' has been released!

This release will be supported for 9 months (until 2018) for Long Term Support, stick with release 16.04, instead.

Official flavors (e.g. Kubuntu) are also released.

See the above release notes for a full list of changes and where you can get a copy.

[Full disclosure: the majority of SoylentNews' servers run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS though we have taken steps towards moving to Gentoo.]


The customized version of GNOME that Ubuntu 17.10 uses is very much in the mould of the (now defunct) Unity desktop, so it won't be to everyone's tastes.


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  • (Score: 1, Informative) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 21 2017, @09:59PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 21 2017, @09:59PM (#585791)

    It's ironic we can get more control in X11 via Xpra []. Now, not someday. You can separate things at will, so trusted apps can still work as before (global bindings, screen scrappers, eg) while unstrusted ones can't get out of the box they are put in. Local apps work as fast, same shared mem tricks than compositors.*

    Add firejail [] or nsjail [] (new "toy") and the locking gets even better, no filesystem level surprises like touching configuration files of other programs.

    Extra bonus: Xpra lets you do non-integer scaling, all old apps can work with HiDPI monitors, new apps can workaround crappy limitations of their toolkits. Check the default keybindings or tweak them to match your keyboard, or launch with script [].

    Meanwhile, all the cool kids keep on replanning half of the features and finishing half of that.

    *: has graphic tech gone from video cards being accelerators to just dumb framebuffers unless you code your app in something like OpenGL? It sounds a lot like that.

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