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posted by mattie_p on Saturday February 22 2014, @12:32PM   Printer-friendly
from the print-that-out-please-want-it-on-paper dept.

bob_super writes:

"After reading an article[fr] (English language version) presenting a new Google initiative to map deforestation, I encountered a surprise when opened with a Terms Of Service page! Not a small two-line 'we're in beta' terms of service page, a full multi-page lawyer-dream EULA. And when clicked on agree, I got a pop-up asking me to agree again!

Since we all know that all information has to be proven 100% correct and safe before being published on the web, have you noticed EULAs in other no-login sites? Why are Google's lawyers getting in the way when it's about important scientific data?"

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  • (Score: 2, Interesting) by SMI on Sunday February 23 2014, @07:22AM

    by SMI (333) on Sunday February 23 2014, @07:22AM (#5108)

    As others have already said, your anger is completely misdirected. While we may agree with (at least some of) your underlying points, your tone really isn't conducive to an intellectual discussion. Please redirect your anger towards the sites you don't like (and those who are responsible for them). In case you haven't noticed, none of the things that you're complaining about take place here on SN.

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  • (Score: 1) by number6 on Sunday February 23 2014, @07:08PM

    by number6 (1831) on Sunday February 23 2014, @07:08PM (#5278) Journal

    There is no we, there is you and your knobhead ego.
    There is no we, there is him and his knobhead ego.
    There is me and my knobhead ego.

    Your (and his) observations are full of shit. Turn off your computer(s) and go for a long ride on your bicycle(s).
    So I let off some steam....BIG FUCKING DEAL !!!!!!!

    Message to the users who modded me up:
    Thanks guys. I'm not as immature as those two "superior" knobheads want you to believe. I injected rhetorical and artistic license into a technical issue.
    Those other two knobheads are in actual fact part of the "things" I was trying to describe; they are "Rover" the policing balloon; resist them...always!
    Even the novelist James Joyce was known to inject the word "c*nt" in his novels.
    When you leave this page, the only thing to remember is the entertainment it gave you; move on to tomorrow with a blank mind; forget about me.