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posted by cmn32480 on Monday November 13 2017, @10:03PM   Printer-friendly
from the go-back-to-doing-it-the-old-fashioned-way dept.

Connected sex toys recorded intimate sessions without consent

Days ago, a Redditor discovered that their Lovense remote control app was unknowingly recording audio of a six-minute intimate session between the user and their significant other. It happened while they used the app to control the Lovense vibrator it's paired with, and it saved the recording to a local file buried in the phone's media storage. Another commenter, claiming to be a Lovense representative, said these recordings are the result of a "minor software bug."

Lovense: "Use teledildonics to improve your sex life!"

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  • (Score: 2) by Arik on Tuesday November 14 2017, @05:23AM (1 child)

    by Arik (4543) on Tuesday November 14 2017, @05:23AM (#596669) Journal
    "Does the US populace deserve mass surveillance because they use extremely convenient cell phones?"

    Forget about 'deserve' for a moment - we have nothing even approaching a decent cellphone precisely because enough people willingly buy garbage.

    The manufacturers have no reason to change until that changes. That goes for phones and cars and everything else. The market is flooded with utter crap and there is room for nothing else and it's it the idiots that continue to BUY this crap that guarantee this will not change.

    So in some sense they certainly deserve something. 40 strokes with a clue-cane on bare buttocks might wake someone up. Too bad they won't get it.
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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday November 14 2017, @05:58AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday November 14 2017, @05:58AM (#596676)

    A long winded rehash of the original statement, boring and lame.