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posted by Fnord666 on Wednesday December 06 2017, @03:17AM   Printer-friendly
from the IA-AI-O dept.

Artificial Intelligence, or Intelligence Augmentation (IA)?

Research on IA has often been in competition with research on artificial intelligence (AI): competition for funding, competition for the interest of talented researchers. Although there has always been overlap between the fields, IA has typically focused on building systems which put humans and machines to work together, while AI has focused on complete outsourcing of intellectual tasks to machines. In particular, problems in AI are often framed in terms of matching or surpassing human performance: beating humans at chess or Go; learning to recognize speech and images or translating language as well as humans; and so on.

This essay describes a new field, emerging today out of a synthesis of AI and IA. For this field, we suggest the name artificial intelligence augmentation (AIA): the use of AI systems to help develop new methods for intelligence augmentation. This new field introduces important new fundamental questions, questions not associated to either parent field. We believe the principles and systems of AIA will be radically different to most existing systems.

The crux of the matter seems to be agency--will humans retain it?

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  • (Score: 2) by etherscythe on Wednesday December 06 2017, @04:56PM

    by etherscythe (937) on Wednesday December 06 2017, @04:56PM (#606207)

    This is exactly one of the things [] (warning: long but engaging read alert) Elon Musk is worried about, and the reason he started Neuralink in order to ensure that human freedom isn't disregarded in the seemingly-inevitable AI revolution/singularity.

    That particular project of his seems much more outlandish than the others to me, but I guess everybody finds their limits their own way. And hey, if he succeeds - another win, and another bullet dodged for the species. Assuming we don't trip over thoughtcrime tyranny or The Matrix along the way, that is...

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