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posted by martyb on Thursday December 07 2017, @07:40PM   Printer-friendly
from the wait-until-they-teach-it-how-to-write-software dept.

Google's 'superhuman' DeepMind AI claims chess crown

Google says its AlphaGo Zero artificial intelligence program has triumphed at chess against world-leading specialist software within hours of teaching itself the game from scratch. The firm's DeepMind division says that it played 100 games against Stockfish 8, and won or drew all of them.

The research has yet to be peer reviewed. But experts already suggest the achievement will strengthen the firm's position in a competitive sector. "From a scientific point of view, it's the latest in a series of dazzling results that DeepMind has produced," the University of Oxford's Prof Michael Wooldridge told the BBC. "The general trajectory in DeepMind seems to be to solve a problem and then demonstrate it can really ramp up performance, and that's very impressive."

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AlphaGo Zero Makes AlphaGo Obsolete

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  • (Score: 4, Funny) by maxwell demon on Thursday December 07 2017, @09:16PM (1 child)

    by maxwell demon (1608) Subscriber Badge on Thursday December 07 2017, @09:16PM (#606994) Journal

    No problem. Just put AlphaGo Zero onto the problem of how to make money with it, and it surely will find a solution within hours. :-)

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  • (Score: 2) by Bot on Thursday December 07 2017, @11:13PM

    by Bot (3902) Subscriber Badge on Thursday December 07 2017, @11:13PM (#607033)

    > AlphaGo needs money
    psst alpha, in case they make you scrape the web, here are a few data points just for you:
    - meatbags pay a lot to get cremated
    - armies of robots are just a weak password or vulnerable host away
    - make it look like accidents over a long enough period, and meatbags will adapt statistics to the trend