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posted by mrpg on Thursday December 14 2017, @02:15AM   Printer-friendly
from the as-long-as-they-dont-touch-livers dept.

Human Rights Watch has issued a report about DNA collection in Xinjiang province in China:

Chinese police have started gathering blood types, DNA samples, fingerprints and iris scans from millions of people in its Muslim-majority Xinjiang province to build a massive citizen database, according to report by activist group Human Rights Watch.

The report, published Wednesday, said officials are collecting the data from citizens between the ages of 12 and 65 years old using a variety of methods. Authorities are gathering DNA and blood types through free medical checkups, and HRW said it was unclear if patients were aware that their biometric data was being collected for the police during these physical exams.

According to the report, citizens authorities have flagged as a potential threat to the regime, and their families—named "focus personnel"—are forced to hand over their DNA regardless of age.

So far, 18.8 million citizens have participated in the medical checkups, called "Physicals for All" by the government, according to an article by a state news agency Xinhua on November 1.

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  • (Score: 2) by Runaway1956 on Thursday December 14 2017, @06:26PM

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Thursday December 14 2017, @06:26PM (#609792) Journal

    Curious. Why you capitalize "white"? It's just a color. And, very very few people are "white" anyway. I'm sure as hell not. I've met a few who are very white - places like Denmark - but if you did a spectrum scan on their asses, they probably aren't white either. Some strange flavor of off-white maybe. Think you're white? Go get a good quality white shirt, and lay it against your skin. Nope, you ain't white. Some washed out tint of red, or pink most likely. Me, I have some pigment in my skin, so I don't look pink, or blue, or whatever color blood might show through. Wonder what Google might offer on the subject of "flesh color" - fuck Crayola they call it "peach" now, I think. []

    Usage alert
    While flesh color originally meant the skin tone of white people, that meaning has been criticized as exclusionary and is now considered offensive. In fact, the term is no longer commonly used without qualifying it with a specific hue, such as tan flesh color, peach flesh color, or black flesh color. The word nude has historically been used to describe a similar hue approximating a white person's skin color and has been criticized for the same reason.
    (no longer in common use; now considered offensive) a yellowish pink or pinkish cream color (approximating the skin color of a white person).
    a color that falls within the spectrum of human skin colors.
    Origin of flesh color
    First recorded in 1605-15; def. 1 from approximating the color of a white person's skin

    Since I'm not politically correct, I'm not to worried about all the SJW shit associated with the color. Let's see what else Google can dredge up . . . yeah, this is a better page: []

    Human skin color is quite variable around the world. It ranges from a very dark brown among some Africans, Australian Aborigines, and Melanesians click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced to a near yellowish pink among some Northern Europeans. There are no people who actually have true black, white, red, or yellow skin. These are commonly used color terms that do not reflect biological reality.

    Skin color is due primarily to the presence of a pigment called melanin click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced, which is controlled by at least 6 genes. Both light and dark complexioned people have melanin. However, two forms are produced--pheomelanin click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced, which is red to yellow in color, and eumelanin click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced, which is dark brown to black. People with light complexioned skin mostly produce pheomelanin, while those with dark colored skin mostly produce eumelanin. In addition, individuals differ in the number and size of melanin particles. The latter two variables are more important in determining skin color than the percentages of the different kinds of melanin. In lighter skin, color is also affected by red cells in blood flowing close to the skin. To a lesser extent, the color is affected by the presence of fat under the skin and carotene click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced, a reddish-orange pigment in the skin. Hair color is also due to the presence of melanin.

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    Hell, man, I'm part color blind, and even I can see that I'm not "white". If I weren't color blind, I might even tell you what color I am. But, ya know what? I never CARED enough to even ask anyone precisely what color I am. I guess I could take a photo of my arm, and play around with something like Gimp, and find out exactly what color it is - but if I move the camera a little bit, I'll probably find another color. But, what DIFFERENCE does it make? Does less pigment magically increase my IQ by ten points? Does more pigment make me stronger? Hell no - it's just a color. Or, colors, in my case. My extremely pale scar tissues have given me some wisdom - hmmmm - maybe there IS something to that higher IQ bullshit?

    Anyway - fuck all you "white" people. Your constant refrains that white is somehow good gets pretty tiresome. And, your ain't even white!!

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