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posted by mrpg on Friday January 12 2018, @07:15AM   Printer-friendly
from the that's-epyc dept.

Amid the ongoing Meltdown fiasco, Intel has only one way to go in the data center... down. Intel may be forced to offer discounts or rebates to prevent customers from eventually moving to AMD x86 chips (such as Epyc) or even ARM chips:

Intel chips back 98% of data center operations, according to industry consultancy IDC. [...] Microsoft said on Tuesday the patches necessary to secure the threats could have a significant performance impact on servers.

[...] For Gleb Budman's company, San Mateo-based online storage firm Backblaze, building with ARM chips would not be difficult. "If ARM provides enough computing power at lower cost or lower power than x86, it would be a strong incentive for us to switch," said Budman. "If the fix for x86 results in a dramatically decreased level of performance, that might increasingly push in favor of switching to ARM."

Infinitely Virtual, a Los Angeles-based cloud computing vendor, is counting on Intel to replace equipment or offer a rebate to make up for the loss in computing power, Chief Executive Adam Stern said in an interview. "If Intel doesn't step up and do something to make this right then we're going to have to punish them in the marketplace by not purchasing their products," said Stern, whose company relies exclusively on Intel processors.

[...] Both Qualcomm and Cavium are developing ARM chips aimed at data centers. Cavium said it aimed to rival the performance of Intel chips for applications like databases and the content-delivery networks that help speed things like how fast online videos load.

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  • (Score: 1, Flamebait) by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 12 2018, @07:25AM (3 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 12 2018, @07:25AM (#621295)

    Intel will just fix the problems at a hardware level, and then take a loss on promoting itself through "artificially" cheap chips.

    This noise about switching is the same as Barcelona's noise about switching to FOSS; like Munich, it's all just an attempt to make an established supplier reduce prices.

    People want x86 anyway. It's the only thing that works.

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by Bot on Friday January 12 2018, @12:21PM

    by Bot (3902) Subscriber Badge on Friday January 12 2018, @12:21PM (#621340)

    except Munich actually migrated and saved money by switching to linux, even if the newer administration played the usual political tactic of destroying whatever the previous one was doing outside the real agenda. even if only because Microsoft has to make a good offer.