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posted by Fnord666 on Friday January 12, @06:14PM   Printer-friendly
from the parliamentarians-are-people-too dept.

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

Porn streaming sites were accessed from UK parliament 24,000 times in six months, figures have shown.

I'm torn between making a "bunch of wankers" joke and castigating them for being underachievers.


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Reply to: Not as accurate as you might think

    (Score: 5, Insightful) by janrinok on Friday January 12, @06:30PM

    by janrinok (52) on Friday January 12, @06:30PM (#621481)

    Although there are probably numerous examples of MPs accessing what most people would describe as pornography, the figures are a little bit skewed.

    I recently listened to a radio broadcast which explained that some of the reported incidents include accessing newspapers that are on general sale in the UK but which happen to contain photographs that nobody other than a very prudish person would describe as 'pornography', and other similar images. The broadcast did not, as far as I can recall, offer any indication of how many reports could be misidentified in this way, and it did accept that there was still a very high proportion of downloads of genuinely pornographic material.

    Of course, the UK - like many other countries - finds it difficult to define concisely what exactly constitutes pornographic material so the number of attempted accesses depends very much on the person interpreting the data, which means that such an assessment could be made to support their own particular argument. If such sites are easily recognised, why aren't they blocked by a firewall? Of course, I am making an assumption that Parliament does have its own network and gateway but it certainly seems to have one [].

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