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posted by Fnord666 on Monday March 26 2018, @06:33PM   Printer-friendly
from the subtitles-provided-by-no-one dept.

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The founder of a site that provided fan-created subtitles has lost his appeal against a conviction for copyright infringement. In 2017 a Swedish court found that the unauthorized distribution of movie subtitles is a crime, sentencing the then 32-year-old to probation and a fine. The Court of Appeal has now largely upheld that earlier verdict.


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  • (Score: 2, Touché) by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 26 2018, @08:36PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 26 2018, @08:36PM (#658641)

    Lawl whatevs.

    This case just highlights the stupidity of copyright law and more generally the competitive structure of our human society. One day we'll move past it and people like you will be the subject of intense debates trying to figure out "what was WRONG with them?"

    This is very similar to the fight over right to modify tractors. What should people do if a corporation refuses to allow translations? Too bad humanity? Fuck off with that idea.

    As for the revenue on his site, it wasn't profiting off of the copyrighted works. His site provided a valuable service for many users that was not being provided by the copyright holders and in no way harmed them. Who cares if he was able to generate revenue to fund the service??? Oh right, the same corporate apologists

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