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posted by Fnord666 on Monday March 26 2018, @06:33PM   Printer-friendly
from the subtitles-provided-by-no-one dept.

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The founder of a site that provided fan-created subtitles has lost his appeal against a conviction for copyright infringement. In 2017 a Swedish court found that the unauthorized distribution of movie subtitles is a crime, sentencing the then 32-year-old to probation and a fine. The Court of Appeal has now largely upheld that earlier verdict.


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  • (Score: 1) by RandomFactor on Tuesday March 27 2018, @03:10PM

    by RandomFactor (3682) Subscriber Badge on Tuesday March 27 2018, @03:10PM (#658998) Journal
    More likely Axanar and the resulting heavy handed fan-film destroying, 'guidelines' that followed from Paramount.

    Too bad really, fan films were full of rough edges, but sometimes nearly up to par with TOS in terms of production values and some were quite enjoyable. Lots of cameos by series actors, nods to the various series, and fun for all. Kept interest alive, attracted new fans, and in no way compared to big budget films and professional episodic series.

    Costs are coming down too much though.

    "Prelude to Axanar" got significant fan contributions and looked like it was going to be able to put out a quality and engaging fan film, so Paramount came down from the mountain and threw down 15...errr, 10...TEN rules on stone tablets that basically relegated fanfilms to 15 minutes with a handycam in your back yard or get sued.

    Sad really, other universes would love that kind of exposure and fan engagement. Star Trek has it, and the fans are, as the GP noted "shit on by Paramount ..."
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